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Crow Man Advanced

For Applibot

There is a bit of a narrative going on between this and the piece before this (regular Crow Man). I was given the go ahead to create my own set. These were a lot of fun.
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Epic Beauty ! Love all the red.........Concept is Awesome. Wonderful work ❤️❤️💫
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This is a really beautiful idea and concept. I love the dark colours you've used to create atmosphere of evil within it, and the green crystal above his hair is a really nice detail addition. Great work!
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pretty freakin epic! So eerie yet wonderful haha... Really nice work! =)
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Wonderful work, very realistic. How long did you work on this? Great job, thanks for sharing!
jdowg6's avatar
looks more like edo itachi
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Very nice!
Reminds me a little of Sanjulian's work.
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Gorgeous, love the intense you gave the complimentary colours.
By the way, the part of the face I can see reminds me a bit of Alan Rickman's characteristic Snape-is-seriously-pissed-face...
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wow incredible work, neat concept
Vampirik-Gackt-sama's avatar
Your digital illustration is fantastic!!!!
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This is great, like all your art.

Though it also made me realize The Sims have ruined floating green things for me.
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Dat' lighting!
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Astounding piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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Wow! Your work is incredible. This one in particular reminds me a little of Jae Lee's work (one of my faves). Wonderfully macabre.
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i wish they could be so epic.
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Awesome, I love the transition!
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Nice work man :)
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wow, really nice!
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