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Cinder from Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles.

I’ve been wanting to paint this character and others from these books for a while. If you haven’t read them yet you are doing a serious disservice to yourself.

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Is this available for purchase?

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This looks amazing! I especially like how you did the hair~ :)

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Only way to top this is to include the sword of winter ice. Fantastic.
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Hey man this is the most amazing Kingkiller fanart I have seen out there, I really really really want to see your other interpretations of some of the characters from the Books (Kvothe, Haliax, Elodin, Auri, Bast) too many to chose from. I really hope you take the time to actually deliver more epic art (again, this is mindboglingly perfect) and I am seriously looking forward to seeing your versions (this is literally how I imagine Cinder now btw xD ) 
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Wow. That face is gonna haunt my nightmares tonight, most likely. Fantastic lighting, by the way. :D
Wow! amazing depiction!
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Still one of my favorite artworks ever since I saw it on that blue tinted platform of misery. The fact that it´s a fanart for the Kingkiller Chronicles is extra brownie points... Or do you want brownies? fuck points XP
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another kingkiller fan, yess! great interpretation 
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Totally creepy. Great realization of character.
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This is what I mean.  characters and or scenes from a book.  I love it.  Ill consider reading the books
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That's awesome! Really creepy!
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I find this very pefect. Such like.
DUDE! NICE! That's looks pitch perfect! 
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Wow . Really good depiction of him , i really , really like it ! WoW!!!
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I haven't read Kingkiller chronicles yet, but from the look on his face i can tell he is a genius who takes pleasure in seeing the world burn before him, and messing shit up from behind the scenes.
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i love you and i love this
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I don't know who Cinder is, but this painting is fabulously creepy. 
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This. This is exactly what Cinder looks like.
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Well he's quite a source of inspiration.
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Awesome. Very Joker-ish. :D
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Awesome work !! 
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