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At the Heart of Winter

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Man that`s creepy!
Well done :)
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creepy and awesome
Hey man, this is really great. 
Would you be okay if I took this photo and used it as a cover on my bands upcoming EP?
VictorReisSobreira's avatar
the lake from alan wake?
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This, for me, is like interpretation of song by Agalloch - Black Lake Nidstång…

beautiful :)
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that's a good one
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pleases my love reply me in to my email hotmail BOX(
OK i love you so much
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creepy and awesome
b13visuals's avatar
This is bloody wicked! And an awesome album!
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Well, it seems a little irresponsible to just leave him in there until Spring, don't you think?
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this would be a really bad ass cover for a band!!
Great job!! 
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Is it a tree that is inverted coloring?
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This is Epic! OW!Clap Heart +fav 
Jacob-Cross's avatar
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tHIS IS UTTERLY cool... so deep
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Awesome work!! :D
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Oh wow cool and a little creepy XD
Khabal-reaper-278's avatar
And i'm off to listen to some Kalmah. For some reason it reminds me of that band
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Pictures are worth a thousand words.
This is a novel's worth, at least.
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scary and pretty
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looks like a very friendly lake !
nice work !
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