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'Inspired by the sea and shorelines of North Devon, all of James’ pictures begin as detailed pencil drawings. These drawings are then transferred onto a variety of papers and worked on using a range of materials.  All completed workings are then layered together to create a final print. This process allows James to consider each aspect of a composition individually, be it colour and shade, or mid-tones and highlights, and to fully explore the interplay of light in his pictures.

The Mediterranean has also been a further inspiration for James’ work.'

This site showcases my full illustration and design portfolio, and soon-to-be exhibited work. And whatever other inspiration hits my addled mind. Dive in.

Current Residence: Devon UK




Still here, still in education and still working! There's so much that I could/should show, but until I am out the other side of this, the work has to stay with me. Given that I also have to compile a detailed and regularly updated blog, it's little wonder that this one suffers. But, on the subject of whether or not to share work... I have dropped back into DA to check out what is being said about AI, because wow- what an upset. Together with NFTs, the digital arts scene does feel like a place under siege at present. I wanted to find out what this community of creatives (I know that you're out there) thought about it all. There's plenty being asked about what the DA moderators are going to do about AI work. Just what are you going to do, people? And there are blogs, polls, comment pages aplenty wrestling with it. As well as the usual vultures. Two comments that I have left, edited: '[...] I've been doing pretty much nothing else this week but trawl opinions on blogs and
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This page still exists! It still exists! No, wait - come back. Really. The reason for the ludicrously long hiatus – I did as I said and went back into education! Yes, I did. Assessments, assignments, essays and presentations – it’s been a while since I did any of it, and it’s added up. It’s only now that I’ve passed all deadlines that I’m coming back to this. Back in art school, doing an MA. Whodathunkit? I said that I wanted a fresh challenge, and I’ve had that. My ‘piece’ for this semester evolved into a live video, sound recording, performance art amalgamation – something I totally wasn’t expecting to happen, but it did. Whether any of that ever sees light of day on this page I’m unsure about, as I’ve no idea how to present it outside of ‘real time’. May share some of the imagery. The really insane thing was that I've had to blog about my progress! When I average out on three blog posts a year on this page, having to come up with something every time I made a bit of progress
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Hello to everybody. Did we all have a life before this, or was it all some warped hallucination? I’m beginning to doubt its existence. The evidence is all there but somehow it seems unconvincing. Straining to remember when I looked at something else other than four walls. I’ve even started drawing and painting flowers – that’s how much I’m cracking up. There has been a project that’s kept me going, which I alluded to in a previous journal. Perspective studies and use of Blender has been giving me some renewed/totally new learning curves, but it appears to have been worth it because the client was very pleased. So much so, that it may become a repeat commission. When they are at the point where they can share with the world, then I shall too. Until then, I’m going to have to be frustratingly enigmatic about it. The plan for this year – I may just go back into education. This last year has felt like a brake, in so many ways; and while some new learning has been done, I have felt a
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MakingComics https://makingcomics.spiltink.org/

HTDC https://www.howtodrawcomics.net/

youthedesigner http://www.youthedesigner.com

publicdomainpictures http://www.publicdomainpictures.net

photosforclass http://www.photosforclass.com

dreamstime http://www.dreamstime.com

lostandtaken http://lostandtaken.com

Stock galleries (for future reference - if and when!)

asaph70 CAStock almudena-stock Alegion-stock Grinmir-stock Random-Acts-Stock mjranum-stock mizzd-stock lostandtaken jagged-eye steppelandstock AlzirrSwanheartStock stockicide SimoonMurray jademacalla Falln-Stock Peace-of-Art Amliel ClarabellafaireStock CathleenTarawhiti Elandria Wess4u LemurianWanderer faestock Studiopranile syccas-stock Axy-stock

IngwellRitter-Stock ERIEYE-STOCK LuDa-Stock Stock-by-EmRob Roy3D angelusmusicus-stock indigodeep

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Thank you Kindly my Friend for Favoring -"Rocks from -Franz Josef Glacier" Image.Much appreciated.

Thanks so much for +fav my 
  Clouded Leopard by GiovanniChis
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