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Hi! Please check out my new patreon page and let me know what you think! With enough support I'll be able to do some reeally cool stuff!
Patreon Jameswolf Promo by jameswolf
My old site was getting pretty dusty :) you can check it out here:     thanks! 
I've updated my print gallery with some new and requested art so please check it out if your interested! ------>…

also you can now purchase my angel, and dark angel images as PLAY MATS, SLEEVES, AND DECK BOXES! links below:
I recently had the honor of being interviewed for the Fantasy Art magazine in China! The article as well as the translation can be viewed on my blog! --->
Hey everyone!

I've added a new batch of High quality prints up for sale on my Inprnts gallery! I chose a few of the most requested paintings so be sure to check it out to see which ones!

My prints can be purchased here --->…

Thanks for looking everyone, I appreciate your support.  :)
I've Just created a facebook page! Check it out in the link below and be sure to like it! :D…
Just wanted you all to know that i've started up a new art blog:
that i update frequently so please check it out as it has lots us new work and process pieces! thanks everyone!
I recently started selling my artwork over at:…;
these are very high quality prints so be sure to check them out and if you see something that would fit perfectly on your wall then go ahead and buy it :) I would appreciate it tremendously, Thanks for supporting the arts!