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canyon secrets

UPDATE! this image can now be purchased as a print here: [link]

a discovery by Callo and her dog indy :)

for more visit my blog at: [link]
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             beautiful work!!
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Beautiful work, reminds me a lot of Petra in Jordan.
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Jaw dropping lay beautiful! Love it
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somehow, this image made me want to continue writing a story I was writing but had to pause because of school. I found this very stimulating :) I don't think I'll contiue my writing soon, but it's for sure that my mind will fly free again while I do homework xD thanks :D
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Can I just....really be there? And then suddenly wish gets granted. I'm there and it's all thanks to you wonderful wonderful artist! I tip my hats to you. It may have been a lot of work or not. I'm just glad you made it. :D
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It's amazing!
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It's the indiana jones temple from the third movie. Nice!
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Simply: wow - love the foreground/background relation and shadow and light!
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Can't stop looking at it.
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love the atmosphere of this!
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it look so nice and beautiful O_O
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Reminds me a lot of Tintin and Milou. Looks nice.
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Like Petra and Babylon had a love child. Absolutely gorgeous.
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"Damn! I was supposed to meet my proxy at that Destino Verde, but it's obviously not the right place...stupid muse!" [ I heard that! ]

all kidding aside, this is breath taking! the scale really blows the mind!
the guys looks perplexed. "What would Nathan Drake do in such a situation?"
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The palette is fantastic. Love the lions and the rocks.
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This is beautiful! :wow:
Did you base this after a civilization?
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