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Titans Grail

something i created last night, fun piece to make :)

visit my blog for more! [link]

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In February, I shared your picture on Facebook. I have just added it in my favorites on this site.

I have written short stories in which Supergirl is one of the characters. If you read them, I hope you will appreciate them. What I know is, I would like to be at Donovan's place.
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awesome. love the title too
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Really nice scenery :heart:
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So cool and just so amazing, wow. I love the vastness in this picture.
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This is beautiful
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Nice place :)
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looking for background work for my game BS*SAN, may i ask if all credit is given for our backgrounds if we could use a few for our game? its a fantasy rpg point-and-clicker but we wanted a little more depth to it all to go along with the detailed characters we have been creating. It would mean a lot to us.
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this was dont in photoshop? if so do you use your own custom brush's? O.o this is really nice work.
Awesome :) look on [link] if you are looking new garden flower pots
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Fantastic. Very inspiring.
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Love the concept of rocky arches with little islands of life amongst them. Lovely~
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Damn that tight
There's a lot of good depth here. reminds me of a dream i had
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That is quite awesome!
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Wow!! This looks so realistic!!
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Love the misty mountains.
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A lot of your work reminds me of different Final Fantasy maps. This one in particular of a place in FFXIV.
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