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The abandoned mines

Why did they leave? There was clearly still gold to be found,...or was it even gold to begin with?

For more please visit my Art Blog at: [link]

Thanks for looking everyone! :)
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reminds a bit of assassin creed games in some ancient ruins to jump over next side :D
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Super engaging piece. Really like the suggestive story elements.
Honestly what program do you guys use to do this?

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its just straight up paint in photoshop
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...hope nobody ever fell, looks like a looong drop ^^;
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I really enjoy this pic ...
Such a good work.
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muito lindo *-*
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The lighting gives it a great sense of space and really focuses my eye on the little figure.
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Hi ...Dear ... jameswolf ...!!!
Your Fantastic Art work
... The abandoned mines
is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
if you don't mind...:heart:.............................In WIDE SCREEN featured collection...
best regards.....................You're most welcome in Action-Portraits...!!! :iconaction-portraits:
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This is wonderful. For some reason it makes me think of of Mithril Hall from one of the Drizzt books.
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Wow, outstanding!!
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this remins me of a section of he book The Wastelands from the series Dark Tower by Stephen King.... Roland and Jake have to go through an abandoned mine, and Jake falls into a place that i imagined almost exactly like this...
great colors and atmosphere
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Beautiful scene!!! Maybe some earthquake drama......:clap::sun:
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Awesome! : )

Near where I live there are hundreds of abandoned gold and silver mines, and yes... they did pass right by thin gold veins ignoring them in search of the "motherlode" veins. The US Geological survey estimates there is still some 80 billion metric tons of gold left here in Arizona which has yet to be unearthed, mostly in the same 20 mile square area, only with all the hundreds of old mines the water table which much of the gold resides below has become contaminated with arsenic and radioactive metal particles. I have seen 15 year old footage of divers in them though passing right by 8 inch wide 4 foot long solid gold veigns which were ignored when the shafts were originally cut, but the divers in intense expensive protective gear could not stay even 30 minutes in that water to explore or extract.
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