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Those Pesky Ghost Monsters D8

Well kiddies, this is what happens when you get yourself into a Pac-Man Cartoon Marathon for a couple of days. 83

Aside from being my 2nd time at drawing Hanna-Barbara's Pac-Man, it's also my 1st time at drawing Hanna-Barbara's Ghost Monsters (though I only left it at Pinky and Clyde for now, Blinky Inky and Sue will have to wait xP)

Man, I need to stop spamming you kind people with these multimedia pics and get back to some original material soon (even if most people don't seem to give a pac about 'em) xP
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oh noes it's the flying sweet wrappers

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I know that cartoon was bad but I loved it.  And I love this!
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who got this before.
Chomp-itis or Ghost-itis.
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Hold on...
Who is Sue?
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She was the 4th ghost from Ms. Pacman where she served as the Clyde. She's even orange like him. When they put all 5 ghosts into the show, they made Sue purple to tell the two apart.
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I also enjoyed this cartoon. I have the first-season DVD, and am hoping that the ownership issues with Hanna-Barbera's version of "The Little Rascals" (part of the same 90-minute block) can be resolved.
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Why do I miss the male Pinky?
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idk, why DO you miss the Butch Pinky? xD;
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When Ms. Pac-Man was released, Sue was orange. Bally-Midway felt that the game needed a female antagonist, and didn't see "pinky" to be a feminine name.
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well that was then, and this is now where Pinky is considered the feminine one. Admittingly though I wouldn't mind if Sue was around again as the 2nd feminine one.
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Oh gosh yes I wonder what WOULD happen if Sue appears in Ghostly Adventures to meet with Pinky XD
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Personally, I've always liked this one alot better than the current Pac-Man: The Ghostly Adventures....mainly because it was a big part of my childhood, when I used to fantasize about having a wall of nothing but arcade cabinets of every game in the Pac-Man franchise ever produced (at the time, I didn't know about Pac & Pal, I guess because the whole legal dispute between Bally Midway and Namco over Jr. Pac-Man prevented the game from seeing the light of day on American shores).

   The ONLY character I REALLY disliked in the cartoon was Super Pac, who was introduced in the second season shortly after Super Pac-Man's unveiling in arcades on U.S. shores.
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This love that show^_^
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So many designs of Pac-man. Such a hard choice to choose from.
I like to see a more zany, full-of-slapstick, and a lot of cartoon violence version. And when I say old-school cartoon violence, I mean like the bombs,guns,dynamite,anvils,etc. You know...The "good ol' days" stuff.
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looking at this makes me laugh as i watched the Game Grumps audio sync'd with the cartoon animation.
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I've seen the Game Grumps video too.
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Blinky:Dinky *wheeze* come to Bl, Blinky
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p-p-p-p-p-p PAC POWER
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that is really cool. do you think you make more like this.
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I was just watching the Christmas Comes to Pac-Land cartoon yesterday. Those were good times.

I bet the new Pac-Man cartoon will be on one of them kids' cable stations. :(
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I heard the new one is going to be on Disney XD
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Hey Jamesman can i make a request
JamesTheReggie's avatar
only take commissions these days.
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