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Many thanks to my man :icondogmansp: for helping me out with this picture! His colors and my lines certainly make for an epic mash-up! :D

Anyhow, this is an image based on what many consider a stinker in the Wario Land franchise, Wario: Master of Disguise. I did mention before that it is my least favorite of the 2D Wario platformers, but I have some fun playing it myself despite it's apparent flaws. (there's only so many BO/Fart references one can take |P)

The image in general is based on the very first boss fight of the game, where Wario had to face one of the game's more prominent antagonists, Count Cannoli, on his Mad Hat MK. 1. It's amazing what these Count-ish types will do just to get their possessions back (in this case, that floating Wand "Goodstyle" Wario took from him so he could become a Master Thief).

Anyway, there's not much else to say but, enjoy. :)

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I loved the story and characters of the game, but the gameplay itself left a lot to be desired, fucking touch generation
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Wario-FreakHobbyist Digital Artist
It was at this moment Cannoli knew...
He f***ed up.
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SuperAbachiBroHobbyist Digital Artist
"Not the face!" - Count Cannoli
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I just love the derpy seagull! XD
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NanoRimStudent Digital Artist
Arguably one of the most underrated titles on the DS. 
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Engineer: he's gonna beat on his stupid face.
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What's that lil' Bronto Burt doin' there?
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Faircloth-DigiTalArt Digital Artist
Great!Wink/Razz Wink/Razz 
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EB-the-GAMERHobbyist General Artist
love the bronto burts flying around!
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Ever notice that Cannoli's Mad Hat is very similar to Eggman's Egg Mobile from Sonic?

I love those sorts of foes who ride around in some sort of easily modifyable hover pod-type vehicle.

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FutureTrunks15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is amazing and I love the art style you used too. I love this game aswell, it's really underrated
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Dark-DullahanHobbyist Traditional Artist
And here I thought it was "SMELL IT!" XD
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Fantastic art for a tragically underrated game....me guesta
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Awesome! U made a great job.
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JamesTheReggieHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks, though I couldn't have done it without :icondogmansp: =)
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Personally, I loved this game. The game play could definitely be better, but the characters, and especially the music were excellent. Anyway, this is really well done, and the style suits the game very well. :icongoodplz:
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koopaulHobbyist Digital Artist
I loved everything about this game except the gameplay... which is the most important part of a game. Too bad. It had a lot going for it.
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JamesTheReggieHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, the gameplay left quite a bit to be desired. Maybe if it didn't require mastery of penmanship or somewhat tacked on mini-games, it'd be better.

I'd be eternally grateful if Nintendo allowed themselves to retry this idea and maybe make a few changes. Like allow an option that allowed either the original idea (while making it less stingy) or changing into different costumes through tabs on the touch screen rather than drawing them on Wario.

Also, replace every rendered 3D still used in the game with hand-drawn 2D stills (in a similar style to the artwork of the game). It felt like a freakin' tease seeing all those 3D graphics we're too used to for some of the cutscenes and what not, when developer Suzak also put a lot of effort and awesomeness into the concept art promoting the game. >_>

As for the Mini-Games, I'm not as stingy with them as others but, yeah they could've been more creative. They probably could've made mini-games that payed tribute to the Wario Land series, such as a shooting gallery with Wario tossing enemies, floating up in the air after getting stung, or even a 2D Platform Peril-styled maze where Wario's ass is on fire. xD

It'd be cool if Nintendo could do that, but even I know they feel regretful of the game's creation in the first place. :(
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koopaulHobbyist Digital Artist
The big problem is that Nintendo is not doing this stuff inhouse anymore.
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JamesTheReggieHobbyist Digital Artist
well it's hard to argue there, but you have to remember that Nintendo has a considerable butt-load of franchises and they can only focus on so much, so they do require assistance from their subsidiaries to make additional games they may not have the time to make.

HOWEVER, I will agree that there are better subsidiaries Nintendo could've given this assignment to rather than Suzak (who to my knowledge has only made one other Nintendo game, F-Zero GP Legends for GBA). I mean, there were a considerable few to choose from, like Intelligent Systems, TOSE, Paon, hell even AlphaDreams would've been great choices for this game.

For shame Nintendo =d
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Am I the 1st one to notice the Bronto Burts flying around Canoli's Mad Hat M.K.1?
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Eternal-ApprenticeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I noticed the Bronto Burt too.
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JamesTheReggieHobbyist Digital Artist
surprisingly no xD
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This image looks really great. I like how nice and smooth the lineart looks, and the way the colouring looks a bit similar in style to the artwork from the Mario & Luigi games.

It makes me kinda wish the boss fight was as fun as this drawing makes it look. =P
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