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Super Mario x4

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Look familiar? =P
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CutciProfessional Digital Artist
This is the super Mario 64 DS art!
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Fawfulthegreat64Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope Super Mario Odyssey brings back this concept, but replaces Yoshi with Waluigi because caps. I liked playing as Yoshi but Odyssey revolves too much around caps so Waluigi would fit more.
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genny03Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I really like Super Mario 64 DS.
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PuttyBaronHobbyist General Artist
Who else feels like Waluigi should have been a playable character in that game?
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JamesTheReggieHobbyist Digital Artist
eh, I think the 4 Characters they picked were perfectly fine lol;;
(save for Wario, he was such a pitifully situational character ;; )
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TotallyTunedInStudent Digital Artist
Super Mario 64 DS. A port of a video game done right :P.
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Cookie-LuiginoidHobbyist General Artist
Amazing! :la:
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ScorpGroxHobbyist Digital Artist
You glorious person 
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Emulating the Super Mario 64 DS box art I see! Looks great, though!
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ZeckemyroHobbyist Artist
:iconwaluigiplz: : :iconforeveraloneplz:
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mrm64Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG for realll ;____; Woulda been better if he was in it >.<
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Oh the good times XD
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I liked the N64 version but the DS version was even more better!Sadly i never collected the 150 stars ):
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Did you just say the DS version was better?gun thinking emoji 
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hamza62240Hobbyist Interface Designer
Love it :) Fav'd. Also... Super Mario 64 DS...
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Got all 150 stars, then spent an hour playing minigames
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icewolfknight36Student General Artist
Damn, the memories.
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BluveyProductionsHobbyist General Artist
It was originally on Nintendo 64.
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Favourite DS Game
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Super Mario 64 DS I knew it from somewhere.
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jchan50Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like the artwork. It's much similar to the cover for Super Mario 64 DS.
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That's what he was going for. ;)
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