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Sheriff Mario and the Wario Ruffians

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- This picture was made after creating this remix.

Concerning some things with this picture, let's play it off as a Q&A Section! =D

Q: Cool Western Setting! What's this based off of?
A: This is based on an early Nintendo Arcade game from 1979 entitled "Sheriff".

Q: Cool! But . . . why the Mario cast?
A: Because Sheriff was one of the first games designed by famed Designer, Shigeru Miyamoto. =D

Q: What are the similarities between that game and this homage featuring the Mario cast?
A: Mario plays off as the Sheriff, and must rescue the common Damsel in Distress, Peach. The Party Monkeys from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat play off as the Ruffians, and Yoshi is the Sheriff's trusty steed.

Q: Interesting . . . but what about Wario? Is he the Ruffian Leader or something?
A: Well in this picture he is, but technically he isn't playing any particular role from the game. All that I mentioned in the earlier answer are only other characters in the game.

Q: Then why the heck did you include Wario there if he's not playing any roles from the game?
A: Because many years after Sheriff's releases, the Arcade game was re-released in Nintendo's own WarioWare series, mainly the 1st game. Sheriff was one of the micro-games in 9-Volt's collection, and the entire Arcade game was re-imagined as an unlockable mini-game entitled "Wario's Sheriff". Wario's inclusion there is an homage to "Wario's Sheriff".

Q: Interesting, but why is he the bad guy?
A: That's sorta poking fun at a comic made for Nintendo Power entitled "Mario vs Wario". Find it if you can, it's pure eye-candy. #3#

Q: BTW, why are you using the Party Monkeys as Bad-Guys for Mario. Weren't they allies in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat?
A: Yes, but I included the Party Monkeys for 2 reasons. First, the Party Monkeys were actually going to be an enemy type in the 1st Super Mario Galaxy, but were scrapped for unknown reasons. Second, the ruffians in "Sheriff" looked a lot like Monkeys for some reason. I dunno, that's probably just me. xD

Q: Aww, what's that cute Blue thing in the middle?
A: Play the Paper Mario games, you'll figure it out. |D

Q: The Shy Guy tent?
A: Poking fun at a particular obstacle found in Mario Kart: Super Circuit. I forget the name of the track, but if you ran into the tents, Shy Guys would cling onto you and slow you down.

Q: One last thing! . . . . those Cacti on the right side of the picture . . . ?
A: *sigh*, yes folks, it's exactly what it looks like. |D

Any further questions? I hope not. xP

Enjoy. :)
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LDFEnterprises2013Hobbyist Artist
This reminds me of Popeye
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pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Also, I like how Peach is a Native American tribal princess
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pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think it mentioned somewhere that Mario and Wario were cousins, and I'm sticking with that
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pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks like a recreation of the original Super Mario Bros promotional art
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Noa-ritroxHobbyist Traditional Artist
The Good Mario
The bad Wario
And the ugly also Wario
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SuperArtist236151Student Traditional Artist
Reminds me of their childhood
Mario-and-Sonic-Guy's avatar
Mario-and-Sonic-GuyHobbyist Digital Artist
Sheriff Mario vs. Outlaw Wario
Gamerboycube's avatar
Wouldn't Wario be robbing Trains and Banks in the Old West?
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BeekBeek85Student Artist
Mario vs. Wild West Wario
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nintendopixarHobbyist Traditional Artist
I thought Bowser is the one who takes Peach...
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FlameRose97 Digital Artist
When I saw this I automatically thought "Oh wow, just like that comic!"
Cause theres a Mario and Wario comic made by nintendo (or someone affiliated) where Wario says him and Mario used to play "Sheriff and Thief" as kids and Wario was mad about it since he was only sheriff once.
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poor Wario, Bad guy AGIAN 
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I remember an old comic of mario and Wario played Cowboys when they were kids X
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JamesTheReggieHobbyist Digital Artist
Mario vs. Wario, made by the same team behind the Super Mario Adventures Comics

those were the days ~~~
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Well, at least is not Bowser ^^  
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NuggetingHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks more like a reference to that Mario vs. Wario comic.
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very great art and good job.
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EKKnightHobbyist Writer
This awesome! Do u mind if I feature it in a Mario art compilation that I'm working on and wish to post online?
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JamesTheReggieHobbyist Digital Artist
knock yourself out =)
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EKKnightHobbyist Writer
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Ok, if this was the game re-released, then Nintendo should take your idea for the game. Mario basically has to go to the wild west and save Miss "Plumb-Peachy" Peach from the clutches of Big Bad Ol' Wario. Wario wants to get Peach for she has a treasure map that contains the biggest goldest riches and the prize medalion "The Miyametromix Platinum" which, legend has it, can give riches beyond your wildest dreams to the point of conquering the world. I can see it now, Mario riding Yoshi to capture bandits that are trying to destroy the fortress "WagonRail Earthbound" in order to also obtain a special drill, the "Super64er" in order to obtain the gold from the mines of "Crystal Banana." It would be like a combination of Sheriff, elements from Wild Gunman with the shootouts scenes, Mario Platforming, and alittle bit of Super Mario Land 2 since that's where Wario came from. Oh it will be genius! :D
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