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Heeeere's WARIO 8D

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Here he is, the big bad jack-ass of the game, the man who has his name on the title, and the one who . . . well . . . . he reeks of garlic. =|


Wario is the final boss in BOTH versions of Wario's Woods, though in the NES game, just like the others, you had to physically fight him with bombs and monsters.

The funny thing is though, before you faced the final boss, you had to face a smaller version of him after the 68th stage, obviously called the "False Wario".

And that concludes the tribute of the bosses from the NES game of Wario's Woods. But no fret, this is not the end of me making pictures based on the game as a whole. '3'

Infact, I have a few ideas in mind I hope to put into action soon. :)

Anyhow, that is all and thanks for watching! :D
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Noa-ritroxHobbyist Traditional Artist
AhAA it’s warioware
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marionumber1Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icontoadlaplz: :iconimwarioplz:
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Legend Bomb!

(before the final boss! lol)
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GlideAirheart15Hobbyist Artist
For a puzzle game, you really do get a sense of adrenaline from it. It really did break away from the formula of puzzles and resulted in a really addicting game. Tetris Attack too, just these games need a wiiware revival atleast.
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JamesTheReggieHobbyist Digital Artist
I say "FUCK YAH D<" for Wiiware Revivals. :D
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GlideAirheart15Hobbyist Artist
Why the hell, did I wait so long to watch you. Gamers don't get anymore hardcore then you man.

Gamers Unite!
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JamesTheReggieHobbyist Digital Artist
w00p!! :iconlaplz:
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GlideAirheart15Hobbyist Artist
Woop DOOP!
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Its gonna be my wallpaper of my Iphone 83
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you deserve a medal ^_^
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LudolikHobbyist Photographer
Wario have a giant bomb , it's cheating ! :D
I really like your Wario Woods Serie. :3
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He's the man with the masta plan!
You did a good job making Wario look villainious.

I like how you got him stomping on the fake Wario boss. The Wario Ware-style bomb is a nice touch. ;) All of your Wario's Woods fanart pieces are great.
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JamesTheReggieHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks :D

stay-tuned though cuz I got an interesting piece coming up that'll please all "Wario" fans. :D
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eKaraszProfessional Digital Artist
You did well! :D
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RidiculedDrawingsHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome job on this =D
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Sweet it's pretty good =D
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