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Commission - Toriel's Joke to King Kai

For :iconneko-gami:

Full-Body Sketches of Toriel from Undertale (as if she were dead) telling a really bad pun to King Kai from DBZ.

To quote a line from the client, "This is to all of those who felt bad killing her cause they didn't know how to get her to win the battle sparring her."
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As an Undertale AND Dragon Ball fan, I love this.

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Wow Toriel made it past Snake Way!!!
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" Hmm..someone who makes jokes as bad as the blue fool? interesting"
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They would get along.
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So Perfect! :XD:
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XD This is adorable.

King Kai's such a likeable geek
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Now Toriel will learn the kaiaked and spirit bomb
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WHat smells like deer
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Okay, this is great. Those two would really get along well. Plus it'd explain how she got so strong.
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I can so imagine Toriel and King Kai hanging out at North Kai Planet xD
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ho my god i love this <3
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"But anyway, I'm not done yet, this is just the "TuToriel""
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Made twice as hilarious when you realize, somebody made an Undertale Fic in which Gohan (Prior to Saiyan Saga) falls into the Underground.…
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Toriel, Sans, and King Kai would be the greatest friends ever lol
:iconkingkaiplz:: That was the corniest joke I ever heard. Not funny. 'Breaks down into giggling a few seconds later'
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