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Not another comment like this again! by markthepencilguy, journal

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Name: David

Back to the Future Stamp

Back to the Future II Stamp

I support Brian and Stephen McCaffrey stamp
Backdraft (1991) Fan stamp
Backdraft 2 Sucks.
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I want to be pleasantly surprised stamp

(Request) Anti FoodFight (2012) Stamp
Stephen Hillenburg Stamp
RIP Stephen Hillenburg (An animator hero to me)
I love Ice Cream Stamp
Spongebob stamp

I'm a Toy Collector Stamp
Pepsi Logo Rare (1987-1991)
Pepsi Vertical Can Logo (1991-1997)
Speed (1994) Fan Stamp
Anti Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) Stamp
Anti-Shipping Wars
FireFighter Stamp
I love firefighters
'umg kim k went to the food place!!!111'
Popeyes Chicken stamp
90's CARTOONS FAN stamp
Anti Kidz Bop Stamp
Bojangles' Chicken Stamp
Country Music
i dont smoke
I Don't Like Bullies

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I Love the Classic CN
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I hate ungrateful requesters stamp
Not having kids
Jim Henson Love

Mystery Men Stamp 1
KFC 1991 stamp
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:Stamp: Anti Peta
I don't roleplay

Anti Ai Generated Art stamp

DC Fan Stamp

Allman Brothers Band stamp

i love powerpuff girls

Before watching me or adding me to your friend list, please read all of these rules posted:

  1. Please, be polite!

  2. Please, always say please and thank you to me. I would greatly appreciate that.

  3. No rude comments!

  4. If you have a question to ask me, please put your question in the chat box or my private message box! I prefer that you send messages there instead of posting excessively on my profile page.

  5. Before introducing yourself to me, please do not ask "Do you take request?", because that is just plain rude and inconsiderate.

  6. I do not accept any political comments or sex-related comments on my page.

  7. I absolutely refuse to do nude, pornographic material, fetish, vore and or NSFW artwork. I do not care for any of those styles of art.

  8. I do not allow toxic users, bullies or what have you!

  9. If you have a request, I can only do one. However, requests are closed as of right now. But, I will open them when I am in the mood to do so.

  10. Please, stay awesome!

Favourite Movies
Mystery Men, Smokey & The Bandit trilogy, Back To The Future trilogy, Ladder 49, Speed, Backdraft, the Dave adventures (There Goes A Fire Truck, Bulldozer, the list goes on), Dumb & Dumber (the original and the prequel Dumb and Dumberer)
Favourite TV Shows
Thomas & Friends, Sesame Street, Rescue Me, Goof Troop, The Powerpuff Girls (the original version), Tom & Jerry (original and Tom & Jerry Kids), My Little Pony (the early ones and Lauren Faust), Alvin And The Chipmunks (original cartoon), the list goes on
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Toby Keith, The Allman Brothers Band, Reba McEntire, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Bob Marley, Brooks & Dunn, Jerry Reed (May he R.I.P.)
Favourite Books
Various ones, especially Dr. Seuss books
Favourite Writers
Dr. Seuss, Dennis Smith
Favourite Games
Real Heroes Firefighter, In The Line Of Duty: Firefighter, Spongebob Squarepants: Operation Bikini Bottom
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC CD-Rom gaming
Tools of the Trade
Mixed media (preferably markers, colored pencils and ball point pens)
Other Interests
cats, superheroes, various films, especially comedy films, the list goes on.

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