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Spectre Falls (Halloween Animation)

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This is my entry for the Dreamkeepers Halloween Contest 2016.

This is probably my biggest animation project out of all yet. This project is done for the Dreamkeepers Halloween Event in DeviantArt. It is a parody based on the famous series Gravity Falls. This is my new entry plan for this contest. Another animation with a little twist. :)

The extra clips are for fun (and belong to Disney). The music belongs to Lenich. There is also a ton of easter eggs scattered around the video. I do not want to fully replicated the intro. Some of it are based on Alex's storyboard in the prototype.  Of course, I used the cartoon style to fill the spirit of this type of animation.


Video Version (with a fun extra twist): www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7ivHp…

Mace as Dipper
Paige as Mabel
Grunn as Stanley
Viriathus as Wendy
Gorse (correct me if I'm wrong) as Soos

Gravity Falls belongs to Disney
Dreamkeepers belongs to David and Liz
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© 2016 - 2021 JamesTechno998
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this a really good remix of the intro. also grunn looks like some sort of mutant mudfish in this animation XD.
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This is so cool! :D
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Really nice work. I personally do not watch Gravity Falls, but I do appreciate all the work that went into this. Very well done!
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Brilliant crossover idea,you knocked it out of the park!
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Eventually I'm going to attempt to translate that code. Also this was amazing. Good job
JamesTechno998's avatar
Thx ^^
Hint for the Code at the end: Anagram
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Know that this animation, having never seen Gravity Falls prior, has caused me to binge watch the entire series over the weekend. Thank you. XD
I need sleep now...
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HORY SHET!!!! Usopp (Scared) [V3] 
TAKE ALL OF MY UPVOTE GOOD SIR!  GIF Wander Over Yonder - Yes!! 
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You did a pretty awesome job on this. ^^ Looks great.
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*Comment on YouTube! ^-0
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*Endless Clapping* XD
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I'm glad you like it :)
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Ya welcome, Gravity Falls was my favorite ^W^
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So now someone else decided to do an animation mixed intro after I did it.  How about that.  Well doing this kind of thing takes alot of time, perhaps you where working on it before I uploaded mine for all I know LOL

Anyway great work on it.  Its a low frame animation, but it does the job well. 
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Technically, it was started BEFORE the contest announcement. Good point: I met the deadline. Bad point: I haven't uploaded any content :p

And thanks btw :)
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Yeah I started before as well.  But mine was not meant for the Halloween contest, it was just to do something goofy LOL
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This is amazing!!!! Wow, this must have taken a ton of time to put together. Way to go man!
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