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WoW TCG Draenei Warrior

By JamesRyman
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Done for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

Copyright Blizzard Entertainment

Photshop CS 4

PLEASE NOTE: I don't have any say at all about the Costume/Armor, Race, Colours etc in my WoW illustrations. I follow strict guidelines/model sheets that come directly from Blizzard. If something looks wrong or out of place then it looks that way because Blizzard wanted it that way.
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© 2011 - 2021 JamesRyman
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Awesome Draenei. Nice work) 
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Love the art here. Hmmm.... Looks like tier 10 armour (shoulder armour looks T10), but that sword... if I remember correctly that's a hunter sword (had lots of agi) back in call of the crusade so it's tier 9 but it was I believe only available to Horde players (since the city vendors sold items unique in look for each faction). Still very awesome work, and yes I did read your "it's Blizzard, not me" description, I'm just noting those details.
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Why are draenei girls so cute?
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you are amazing man! thanks god for artists like you
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very nice work
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This work is amazing. How did you got the job with Blizzard?
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Damn, look at those abs! Love that Draenei workout program :XD:
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this is absolutely amazing
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man i love your treatment of the face and dual light sources, beautiful work.
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Fantastic picture. I love her fit physique and rock hard tummy.
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this one is especially beautiful! I love her pose, expression, and also the magic ripple effect! beautiful!!
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How long did this take you?

Sooo freaking awesome!
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Cool Character!
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I love the texture of her skin and horns. Her face is so delicate and expressive.
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Phenomenal! Makes me proud to be a Draenei Warrior :)
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I love how lean she is! She looks like she fights for a living!
obitouchihax's avatar
awesome. just awesome.

that is all...
NubiusPendragon's avatar
wonderful, beautiful ... I like very, very much of their work. Congratulations! I hope one day reach this level ... kkkk
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Can I putthis too in the group :3 In my warriors section, pweese :D
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Hi ...Dear ... namesjames ...!!!
Your Fantastic Art work
is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!

best regards.....................................................................................................!!! :iconaction-portraits:
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