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Warcraft - Succubus

By JamesRyman
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Done for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

Upper Deck Entertainment 2008, Blizzard Entertainment 2008

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© 2008 - 2021 JamesRyman
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First time looking at this from the top down be like 'wow, nice horns - alright she's got glowing blue eyes and fangs, that's cool - okay... add armoured side boob and midriff to the list... - she's got a whip too? ...wait, how is it managing to arch behind h- ohhh DAMN. well, um... yeah. very... um, very nice. SHADING. very nice shading. the light really accentuates her, yeah... stance. I also like how the base of her tail protrudes from the, err... that is to say HER, um... - fuck it. well, apparently I've got a stiffy going, sooo... yeah. she'd probably want that in mortals, thinking about it. easier to to take down when we're, um... agitated. damn her to the twisting bloody nether. moving on down - AAAAAND my Johnson has changed its mind, it wants NOTHING to do with those hooves, holy crap'

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This is actually awesome :3 Really jealous of the rendering hahaa
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The only succubus I will ever like
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One of the in-game "I'm so glad I leveled you this far." When I finally get to the succubus and she has an awesome name to boot. *does a hip thrust*
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To whip or be whipped, that is the question.

Well, time to break out the Neosporin...
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Beautiful work !
FatPigRidingABoar's avatar
Ooh, you're in trouble now...
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Heh I think of EmberIsolte's "Succubus" when I see this :) Very nice!~
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This is what you can expect a female demon hunter to look like.
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i like this alot
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it looks like its from the real game O_O
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Does Upper Deck still do WoW cards? Didn't see anything on their website.
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awesome! i love it! :D
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pleas excuse my spelling
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anyone els see a passing resemblance to a dranie?
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Great artwork!!
The character, textures and background are nicely done!!
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