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Vessel of Orcus

Faces sewn together containing maggots. Nice.

Pencil on Bristol Board.

© Green Ronin
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SJWAVE's avatar
AWEsome !!!:o (Eek) 
esotyrrr's avatar
man your work is awesome
terminator7000's avatar
are those bean looking things maggots ? since there's also flies in this 
b13visuals's avatar
Sick stuff! Awesome!
NotBlondieNoMore's avatar
Hehe lol 'tis the Oogie Boogie man xD (Nightmare Before Christmas :P) Totally like :D
Ormanok's avatar
hmmmmm num num num :drool:
nice work its awesome :D
electricwestern's avatar
Horrifically brilliant.
Aerasett's avatar
I only have two words to say ... Flame Thrower
TokiroKAWA's avatar
sooooooo cool!!
LauraDollie's avatar
You know, maggots will only eat flesh that is dead, decaying or severely damaged... I'm sure your maggots are of evil mutant variety though. It looks really great.
hafoot's avatar
duuuuuuuuuude that's so awesome

poor elf :(
SneakyLemur's avatar
He has faces. On his butt....
Ewwww. O_O

I kid, I kid. You have mad skills dude, you're art is rad.
pitch-black-flame's avatar
Damn dude everything you draw you bring to freaking life, this one's wicked!!!!
Sorry for double posting, but I just noticed that the maggots were eating him. Lol.
That's awesome. The amount of detail and the proportions are amazing.

I don't really get what's going on with the guy on the ground, though.
Urikson's avatar
You, sir, are a genius!
toadking07's avatar
Wow 0.o! that crazily dark creature will haunt my dreams for nights to come,
awsum work!
Raybucho's avatar
oh that is maddening...
donydarko88's avatar
hes like the boggie man from the nightmare before christmas
jamesglover's avatar
Just adding my mark of admiration to the long list.
Kamaelion's avatar
Who est Orcus? I'm dyyyyyyyyyyiiiiing to know
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