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Sea Song

By JamesRyman
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Art for the Online game PoxNora


Copyright - Sony Online Entertainment
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Lovely mermaid!!  Her sinuous tail with the extra fins looks great! She'd look exotic with webbed hands, too!!
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Someone free that Turtle!
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I'm guessing you've spent a lot of time looking at 19th century paintings, because that Mermaid looks like she came from one.  Even the way the waves look and the way the light shows on her wet tail and Greek arm bracelets (I don't know what they're called) all remind me of old paintings (probably mainly by Pre-Raphaelites).
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I love the art from that time, it's probably my favorite artistic era:)
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beautiful!!! ♥ p ♥!!!
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Wouldn't mind swimming with her. lol Nice cool soft tones. Good work.
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Absolutely Beautiful!!! Stunning!!!
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IT'S A GIANT TURTLE!!!! Really awesome mermaid too. Looks like she might be singing to it.
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Nice turtle :) so kind eyes ^_^
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Amazing job! Cool background.
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i am in love with the "turtle ship"! truly a gorgeous picture!!
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Terrible thing to do to a friendly Seaturtle. Hope she save it.
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i love the illustration
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Perhaps it would've gained from a bit more of rocky coastline or sky showing.

But this is nitpicking. That is awesome piece.
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beautiful and awesome.
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That... is a really, really big tortoise. And well-armed, I might add.
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