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Nylaith - Guardian of the Wild

By JamesRyman
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Done for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

Copyright Upper Deck Entertainment/Blizzard Entertainment

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PLEASE NOTE: I don't have any say at all about the Costume/Armor, Race, Colours etc in my WoW illustrations. I follow strict guidelines/model sheets that come directly from Blizzard. If something looks wrong or out of place then it looks that way because Blizzard wanted it that way.
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© 2009 - 2021 JamesRyman
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Wildwalker from TGT.
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Ah, they reused it for Hearthstone. I hadn't noticed that:)
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YES BEAR CLAW FIST WEP!!! totally under rated. Cool as hell man.
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Really interesting pose.
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That is quite amazing. Awesome work!
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Well I dare say that looks awesome. Good job there!
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Man, your work is just awesome.
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Awesome picture.
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Amazing! very good workd
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DUDE! I can`t believe you`re doing stuff for Blizz aaaaaaaaaa!!! Big gratz!! That`s beyond awesome !!!! <3
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Like my druid...with green hair:)
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so wait... are you the official artist for the WOW game?!
*yes i am incredibly dense...
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Well, I'm not *the* official artist, I'm just one of many :) . But this is official WoW work.
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She's a beast elf!?
Or its a beast war glove!?
By the way, great image!! ^^
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<-- I have a soft spot for druids (except for feral druids)

very very nice
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Thats really cool, nice art.
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aww awesome <3
true wow colors ))
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I was amazed to see that this pose is much like Teina Cloudstalker that you did. They are both Druids too O_O.
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