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MtG: Burn from Within

By JamesRyman
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Another one from Shadows over Innistrad
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love this art! represents so well what actually the card do in the game. can kill indestructible creatures, and the best way to do it is from inside.
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Is there a creature card counterpart to this card?  I LOVE the character shown here, but why couldn't he have been made a creature as well?
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Looks like a really bad case of heartburn.
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I love the design of that card! It's really cool, looks exactly like he would burn from within (somehow close to a dragon, but I guess the dragon's got no problem with such things ^^). For my black-red vampire deck it's just gonna be awkward that that is obviously a vampire XD
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I don't know how I would find out about so many great artists without MTG...
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Or "I've got heartburn?"
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this looks amazing!!!
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I know that feeling. 
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Definitely not Sorin. Sorin's got shorter hair and doesn't run about topless ;) His pauldrons look different and that buddy's got a knife. Sorin a 1 1/2 handed sword... luckily, because I would hate WOTC if they killed off Sorin!
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I'm glad to hear that. He is my favourite character too... with Chandra and Avacyn *sob*.
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