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Done for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

Copyright Upper Deck Entertainment/Blizzard Entertainment

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"I'm with stupid!" "Me too!" 
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it's been cool going back through your gallery again and seeing some of these old WoW TCG cards that have made it in to Hearthstone. You're an inspiration, James.
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yess i gonna post the same thing lol "I'm ready" "IM NOT READY"!!
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"No, smash!"
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"dat was poop" mogor show you how its done
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Mogor deso- no, Mogor destr- uh, wait. No, MOGOR KILL!!!
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hmm so the WOW trading card game they have there cards set up where the alliance gets there ass kicked and the horde is kicking ass. Just saying since from what ive seen from most of these trading cards that the alliance is meant to get there butts kicked in that card game from the looks of it.
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Nice... But I have question. Aside from the sheer image and quality of drawing, I've never seen in lore nor in "game" posibilities to have a Two-Headed Ogre which has one head with one eye and the other with two. Far from being a... warlock?... pwning elf n00bs, is this right? I mean, right o having those eyes, or it was just for the art that this single species were make Just that doubt, because, again, I've never seen this kind of Ogre in all the lore I've read and visualized.

;) That's all.

Aaaaaand thumbs uo, because it's an ogre pwning n00bs... Alliance n00bs ;) ;)

FOR THE HORDE!!!!! (I know the ogre may/may not be, but it works the same)
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first rule of the ring of blood, we don't talk about the ring of blood :D
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... dud I totally forgot I faved this :XD:
tis awesome :dance:
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Obviously fantastic.
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Ogor the warmaul champion! 8D x)

ahwell awesome picture! :D
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He resurrected him self again?!?!?!?! FOR THE LOVE OF STORMWIND, SAVE ME!!!
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you got to hate when he ressurect
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lol poor rogue
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Looks like Cho-Gal. ))
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This is awesome, reminds me of WC2 so much.
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Great angle and fantasic lighting on the spell effect.. as always your art is super cool :)
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