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Dark Warrior

By JamesRyman
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Personal work which eventually got used for a couple of books.
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I greatly appreciate your version of Maleficent 
Gorgeous and powerfully sexy supernatural villainess 
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hey isn't this the cover of 'anatomy for fantasy artists'? Brilliant book!
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Its not cover :D I have this book with this art. This book have 2 versions in my country :D
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pls, where can i find big sized bok mistress?
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Thanks for the information, i thought that they licensed at the same time that the books.
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This picture sounds me to a card of TCG Pox nora [link]
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Out of interest, this image was not originally created for Poxnora. I did it for myself and they licensed it from me. Same for the Cthuloid Warrior.
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I'd like to see a bigger version of this.
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Beautiful! Another picture of yours that seems to be a homage to Brom's art! ;D
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Yeah I have a book with this one on the cover=) Its really cool good job man=)
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I have featured your work here:[link] :iconheartpinkplz:
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I have bought one of the books in which there's your illustration! Really beautiful piece. I love all your works!
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redoubtably one of the best pictures in "anatomy for fantasy artist" book. her shield is awsome
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It's a really awesome piece of art. I've got 'Anatomy for fantasy artist' with this one on a cover. Love it - both the book, and the art :)
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dark warrior? reminds me more of a valkryie
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I HAVE THAT BOOK ... lol awsome.
and i have a lot of the wow cards you've done too. awsome artworks
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=3 I have one of the books that this is featured in.
Ever since I got it I've wanted to see more of your art work.
Everything I've seen in your gallery is absolutely beautiful!
Great work!
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Were nice to see it a lill bit bigger for more Detail...
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*Gulp*, :crazy: Instant FAV :clap:
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So YOU'RE the guy who painted this! Wow... it's in a book I have for fantasy anatomy. This is amusing. I never expected to see one of the artists on DA.
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:O!!! I see this in a book of fantasy drawing! And it's a great one! :heart::D
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love this one!...like a Valkyrie...just..the bad one X)
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