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Dark Sun Witch detail

By JamesRyman
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Detail of the Dungeon Magazine cover

Digital - Photoshop
© 2006 Paizo Publishing
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© 2006 - 2020 JamesRyman
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Reminds me of the work of Brom, who pretty much defined the look of the Dark Sun setting.
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Très belle réalisation
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I get the feeling she's not a gentle-hearted Preserver in good standing with the Veiled Alliance.
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<3 YES. Love Dark Sun <3
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shes got a sick headpiece
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can u possibly include more eyes in this?
there aren't enough.
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GREAT, awesome Details :thumbsup:
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I just wondering, but how many hours do you spend on a single painting? O-o
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Oh hell yeah!! :)
Hm trying to remember if I HAVE that issue...
very good, but original take, on Brom's style, caught the essence wihtout aping it.
Damn the metalwork and eye gems are fabulous.
Me luv it!!
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it reminds me the art of Gerald Brom.., great work..
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Awesome work. Every thing looks fantastic, but it seems like she's alittle stiff for some reason. Other than that, it's great.

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she looks sexy ^_^
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damn that girl gives me the chills
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The expression on her face is extrodinarily expressive and her horns...
Me so jealous!
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haha I've seen the 'eye on hand' technique before, by an artist named 'Brom'... it was apart of his darkworks collection. It's really cool; I love mystical things like that. good job!
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if i may ask, how do you get your color so vibrant? I also use photoshop and i can never get the color that bright and crisp.

Beautiful, love the costume design!
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wow is brillian it remebers me alot a Brom
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I love this, it's great! Her costume is great (and yes, does remind me of an evil Disney witch :nod:), I especially like how the green eyes work together. I love her cold cold stare, truly a woman I wouldn't be on the wrong side of.
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Inspired by Brom no doubt! Nevertheless, beautiful!
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Absolutely! He continues to be one of my favourite artists. It was a great commission to do as the Art Director specifically asked for a Brom inspired piece. It gave me an opportunity to study his work more closely and do what I hope is a respectful homage.
There's also a bit of a nod to Disney's Maleficent in the costume, I always liked her design.
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A worthy piece indeed sir! One of the things that makes Brom's stuff so good is his beautiful anatomy, his love of form. You did that, which is awesome. Haven heard of Disney's Maleficent to be honest though, but she must have cool costumes.
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very cool work!

she loos evil
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