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Dark Sun Witch

By JamesRyman
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A cover painting for Dungeon magazine. I enjoyed doing this one in particular as I was specifically asked to give it a bit of a Brom feel. Brom has been a favourite artist of mine for many years so it was great to do this. The costume is also a bit of a nod to Maleficent, my favourite Disney villain.

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I love this one. Inpired my first Dark Sun comic, where heroes fight a witch in a tower. Love your style, hope to learn more in time.
Very beautiful artwork 
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Oh, I hadn't even thought of Maleficent; I was seeing a touch of Lady Loki.
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One of my favorite Dark Sun images ever.
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I'm glad that you think so:) I still remember doing this very fondly ( even though I'd obviously do some things different now). I've always been a huge fan of Brom so it was a particular treat to make this image.
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Brom is one of my favorite artists from the TSR year. He and Tony Diterlizzi.
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loving the draconic theme of her outfit. Very badass
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One of my favorite covers
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Shouldn't the Sun be darker?
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dark sun was my favorite D&D world to play back in the 90s!
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I love Brom as well. I think you definitely channeled him here! Excellent work :D
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Excellent art! *So* in the spirit of Dark Sun!
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Is it weird that the horns kind of turn me on??
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I instantly recognized the similarity to Maleficent, and was pleased to see it had been intended. It's an incredible painted cover, and it makes it even better that it's around the Dark Sun theme. Along with that you just led me on to Brom, an artist I didn't know but who I have seen art from if I recall right. He seems like a mix between you and Francesca, yet there's something about your style that I can relate to myself and feel good about looking at.

I know it's been many years and pieces done since you put this together, but I can't help but to wonder how long it took you to make it.

Cheers for a very well done image.
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Great Job! VERY Good homage to Brom art! ;D
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Oh man, I have a folder of Brom artwork on my computer and when I had found this image online I immediately saved it in there. I didn't even look at the signature.. when I saw it I would have sworn I already was familiar with it from back in AD&D 2nd Edition days. I'd say your homage to Brom is a resounding success. Keep up the awesome work!
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WoW! Seems the work of Brom! XD
You're really good! ^_-
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Hi, here is the list with Amazing Halloween Digital Paintings [link]
I really hope you like it!
Thank you again for letting me feature your work on my blog! :hug:
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this, to me, is the art equivalen of combining peanut butter with chocolate. I'm in geek heaven! Great, awesome work!!!
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