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Curtains call - Magic the Gathering

By JamesRyman
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An illustration from 2015 for Magic the Gathering
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The backdrop looks like a circus.
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Now thats entertainment
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Thank you for uploading :D
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Muahahah this is wicked man!
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Well, they're f*cked :D
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I feel like they could easily dodge it by just leaning to either side :)
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remind me Phantasmagoria
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"Oh my goddess, Oh my goddess...."
"Focus, breathe slowly... concentrate."
"I'm trying! You're NOT looking at the cause of your own violent death!!"
"Nor are you. They do not know who they face. We are not merchants or fools."
"I... no... you're right."
"We are carriers of a secret power... and they will regret the lives of the innocents they took."
"Yes, I... sorry."
"No apologies. Simply, focus... and get ready to move. Then, then we provide the blessing of our goddess to their vile forms."
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Hahahaha... There are no gods on Ravnica.
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That's just what the guilds WANT you to think!
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God, I thought it was a Rakdos spoiler for Ravnica Allegiance...
Matteo-T-I-F's avatar
I thought the same. :XD:
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Great artwork! 
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very impressive!!!
amazing picture!
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Very nice
Ahh, the Rakdos
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I'm thinking it's going to kill her, but it's going to need a reset to kill him, unless there is another one hidden on the other side up in the air.
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Reminds me of the Circus level with those swinging blades and demon acrobats in Castlevania Portrait Of Ruin.
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Wow, all the story ideas a picture like this gives me...  Great work!
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This seems just a tad bit unfair.
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