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Cleric - Dungeon Mag' cover

By JamesRyman
Cover for Dungeon magazine from a year or so ago.

Digital - Photoshop 7
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© 2007 - 2021 JamesRyman
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The red and the verdigris really work in this. +^d !
binkibonsai's avatar
Yer cleric makes me think of the He-Man universe for some reason. Very cool.
Arch-Raziel's avatar
Nice Job Man...
(those zombies are least they get to see a beaty at their last breath!) :D
ps:maybe even a grab or two!
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Cliven's avatar
I remember that cover.

Kind of ironic that you are, in this, semi-animating Dungeon mag, which is now R.I.P.

P.S. My bud ran a game in which sons of Kyuss were in a shipwreck underwater. In other words, fire wasn't an option, and the worms would try to "swim" to you. :( Now THAT was some scary stuff.
Snakes look like a Spawn of Kyuss from the D&D MM2. Really cool stuff! =]
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quinzelle's avatar
Great job!! Love the mace...
roninsnook's avatar
I'm also a big fan of the cover art for #129, the one with the black dragon. I wish there was a way to get posters of all the good art from the Dungeon covers, including practically all of yours.
frenchfox's avatar
really fantastic ! :clap:
lisan's avatar
funny just play through the age of worms part last week ;)

sad ending for "dungeon" maybe you can draw something for the pathfinder releases :p
Ytanium's avatar
awesome work!
Onimetal's avatar
amazing! It give me a lot of inspiration!
Lil-Phoebe's avatar
Love the zombies! :D
SplashColors's avatar
So wicked James, your zombies rule!
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SoraQuasar's avatar
Deam, this is a realy good one
Tharim's avatar
Great stuff! I've I had known that Wee Jas' female clerics looks that.. wow ;)
I really like the colors and her pose.
Ironshod's avatar
Love the colours. That red stands out great against the muted green/grey :)
MallonIllustration's avatar
We ::heart:: Tyralandi!

Paizo represent!
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