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Done for a Warcraft novel.
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This is so unfair! How come Chromatus gets the book treatment while we're stuck killing Twilight Dragon#75 in Dragon Soul?!
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Because Blizz hates us.
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awesome! any higher resolutions? like to see more details
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AmanPaulHobbyist General Artist
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GABaker-AuthorHobbyist Writer
conjures fond memories of a certain cartoon based on an RPG that I used to watch on Saturday mornings. Great work!
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sonofvulcanHobbyist Writer
almost reminds me of D&D's Tiamat
ShadowFireLance's avatar
Why Do I want to smack WoW for Ripping off Tiamat? Otherwise, This is one of the best Multi-headed Dragon drawings i have ever seen, Excellent job
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TayfunsezerProfessional General Artist
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Alexandoas421Hobbyist General Artist
Really cool to awesome artwork for chromatus, honestly would have loved to fight this guy in game, love the idea of this five headed stitched together dragon monster
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varuik Traditional Artist
Ok man before I say this I just want ya to know this is a bad ass painting way better than i can do. I can believe how long this would take and I respect ya for it but the one thing this needs is to blend the dragons
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overmind81Professional Digital Artist
Great!! this is world of Warcraft style of the evil dragon king!
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MikkelLGHobbyist Traditional Artist
I am unquestionably loving this artwork to death! :D You my friend are extremely talented :)
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Emerson-FialhoProfessional Artist
Nice work, my friend! It was amazing, congratulations!!!
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AesirMasterHobbyist General Artist
it looks like Tiamat's (D&D chromatic dragon queen) very P.O.'d brother, Nice!!
RogueDoodler's avatar
RogueDoodlerStudent Digital Artist
So YOU'RE the one who made one of my favorite pictures ever for WoW! :iconhappytearsplz: I've always adored this pic, I don't know why :iconilavplz:
F3lsworn's avatar
Shame Chromatus never became a raid boss in Dragon Soul :( Would've been so kickass :D Anyway awesome depiction of the big bad dragon ^^ Exactly how I'd imagine he'd look like :3
rottenmaliceETC's avatar
rottenmaliceETCStudent General Artist
nicely done!this is eye candy for us WoW players.
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Wolfzero-kunStudent General Artist
Great piece!
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Slate-skyProfessional Artist
*chuckles* Copyright blizz entertainment... i can see the heavy warcraft dragon influence there, really nice peace though. Atmosphere, colour, depth... very impressive. I just hope you made 'em pay for it.
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Blizzard commissioned me to do it for one of their novels. I did it based on their description and Art Direction.
Slate-sky's avatar
Slate-skyProfessional Artist
Ahh splendid, i figured as much and please don't take my comment in the wrong way, i do mean it in the warmest of humours, however this can be misconstrued when typed;)
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TECMAN1Student Digital Artist
Letheyann-Elethendyl's avatar
Letheyann-ElethendylHobbyist Traditional Artist
freakin' dead Chromatus.it gives me shivers O_o
imamongoose's avatar
imamongooseHobbyist General Artist
This would be the best mount ever, carries four friends.
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