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Canon Barrage

By JamesRyman
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Art for the Online game PoxNora


Copyright - Sony Online Entertainment
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© 2010 - 2021 JamesRyman
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Look out there're very, very, very, very, very slowly advancing 
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Did you use a pen and touch tablet thing to do this, or just mouse?
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Giant turtles with cannons strapped to their backs... Great. lol. What programs did you use to edit?
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"teenage mutant ninja turtle? never heard of her."
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Mega Blastoise!
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evil turtles?? nonesense!!
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I love this...
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HAHAHAHAHA. the thought of unleashing an army of those things anywhere makes me laugh uncontrollably!
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Turtle canoneers=blastoise.
I am sure I'm not the 1st who thought that when I saw this lol.
But I love the painting really looks like a war is going on.
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green, one cannoned blastoise xD
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blastoise hyperbeam
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Holy Crap thats awesome!
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Not since the original introduction of Pokemon, have I seen such a mind blowing combination of turtle-like creatures, and artillery (ala Blastoise).

I thought that the local giant snappers were rough business..... =O
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These look like the creatures from the movie "D-war" but then a medeival version, I remember those creatures from the movie had more futuristic weapons. But awesome none the less.
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