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Avacyn Protector of Innistrad

By JamesRyman
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Like the art.
Still salty about the whole fall of Innistrad
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Love this card!
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Got her and beautiful pic.
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Nice art.

Feel bad for her though. Poor Avacyn NEVER gets a break! Feel bad for Sorin too. Nahiri is going to die a bloody and violent death by angering milenia-old vampire.
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Fantastic light!
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You even post it in a resolution high enough to download as a wallpaper! I love you man!
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Details are impressive as always but I really dig the feathers
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Is the saber/scepter a light source? I don't really see it represented on her body, I think this would add some drama and depth to her, especially because she is in the shadow. You might also play with it and show some interesting things about her armor or outfit or features of her face, or even parts of her wings. If it's not a light source but only has a faint glow, I suggest you make it a little stronger because of the central composition of it, i think it needs a little bit more credit and attention (that's just my opinion though) :D 

Also, her pose looks just a little bit static, like she is just chilling there in the air for no particular reason. Maybe put her in an action position and tell us more about her power and what she can do, and how she handles it, as I've seen in other works of yours.

This is amazing work, I love following you and looking at how you use light, color and atmosphere to produce a certain feeling and backstory.

I know you didn't request a critique, but I just felt compelled to say something about this (as I got better at critiquing myself and I only want myself and others to become better at art in any way possible), but I hope this helps (please correct me if i'm wrong, haha):D

I'm looking forward to your upcoming works <3 
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I never noticed before but is Avacyn wearing Dark-Steel Armor? Hence the "indestructible" abilities. The flavor!!!
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That would make very little sense. Darksteel was something from Mirrodin before it was remade as New Phyrexia. Indestructibility is also a signifier of divinity; see Lord Konda and the Myojin of Kamigawa block, other versions of Avacyn, Gideon Jura's various "make him an indestructible creature" abilities and the various gods of Theros as examples of the latter.
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Fantastic artwork
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Bloody amazing work as always James! The detail work on the armour is great and I especially love the wings. They looks so soft and feathery while retaining the feel of being powerful.
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I really love your art. Its amazing <3 <3
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very nice Love Clap 
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You did a fantastic job on this representation of Avacyn. Great stuff!
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Amazing work! I'll look forward to hopefully getting one of these in a pack :)
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Love the little details that are hard to see on the card.
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