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Angel of Thune for MtG

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This will always be my favourite Magic card. I can't wait to get a few more in my angel deck <3 The art is always what draws me to magic.
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HI James!...your art is STUNNING! you take requests?  I am looking for someone that can create pieces like this to help towards fighting for K9 Rights in depicting Winged Warriors helping BREAK dogs Chains...opening puppy mill cage doors...and an angel standing between fighting dogs in a dog fighting pit etc...would you be willing to talk with me about this?  THANKS SO MUCH!!
markydaysaid's avatar
Probably one of the best Magic cards ever made, and some of the best Magic art ever made. Worth that $15-$20 or so that the cards costs now. 
Raakone's avatar
Nice winged warrior woman here!
Felicia Day! :D (Big Grin) 
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Very beautiful truly.
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I love this picture. I've bought several dozen M14 boosters trying to get a copy of this card (I collect the angel cards) - no joy yet. I might have to brace myself to pay the exorbitant Magic Madhouse costs...
Cheneytoons's avatar
You have produced some of the most breathtaking work I've ever seen.  Thanks ever so much for sharing it with us.  The compositions, the detail, the technique...absolutely amazing.
SoulLord's avatar
Love most of the image except the sword
Frances-Property's avatar
So ya done some Magic art eh? This looks familiar. White mana.
Nysalee's avatar
It is a beautiful.
Great work!
benleif430's avatar
awesome art, awesome card.
ArtDoge's avatar
this is SUCH a good card!!!

I love seeing the high res image and noticing all the smaller details that just weren't visible on the printed version. Great job James!
muck1's avatar
Beautiful! Perfect! So much better than those chainmail bikini angels they do every now and again! 
Hyper0Blade's avatar
Love the wings ! 
Angel33Ana's avatar
the emotion is very well to beeen seen in here on her it..........great art.
KarisaLClark's avatar
Her pose is beautiful! Her facial expression is strong, heroic, and sorrow for what is about to be done but needs to be done. Nice artwork!
ASliceOfUnagi's avatar
Oh. My. God. And i thought the card look good. 
DeeVeeS's avatar
Yeeess!! And she's got the flaming sword awsooomee!
kkht311's avatar
Excellent artwork.

I love it.

Great job.

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What a beautiful piece of art! This is absolutely fantastic. I like how you used red here! :D Wow!
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