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Akama - Warcraft

By JamesRyman
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Done for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

Upper Deck Entertainment 2008, Blizzard Entertainment 2008

Photshop 7

PLEASE NOTE: I don't have any say at all about the Costume/Armor, Race, Colours etc in my WoW illustrations. I follow strict guidelines/model sheets that come directly from Blizzard. If something looks wrong or out of place then it looks that way because Blizzard wanted it that way.
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good ol Nakama ^^
I hope one day to aquire such a level of painting..so far I am stumblibng around with Manga studio
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i have always loved this char since playing wc3. very nice illustration man it looks very 3D and great lighting :)
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Nice color composition, gj.
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Akama... is an ASSASSIN! O.O
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old draenei race.

Nice job man ;)
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They are called the Broken, they're like the ancestors of the Dranei, but they were corrupted and tortured for years so tehy have been "Broken"
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lol!i play wowall day!camping alliance!
jk ima carebear.<but rly>
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Akama FTW :) Beautifully done :D
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Always liked Akama, Very nice work x3
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What's funny is that his name is like his weapons.
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Do you do commissions?
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Thanks for asking, but no, not at the moment.
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Those teeth are gonna give me nightmares. Beautiful piece of work anyway. The green in the background invokes the sent of sulfur for me, mentally. That's one of those 'corrupted' Draenai, yes? I'm no lore buff, so I dun remember the name of them. But your artwork is... simply amazing. I'd never be able to catch up to that. Not in a million years! ^_^;
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<-- (Proud troll of akama)
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Very nice illustration..i can appreciate the subtle transition of tones and density of your color pallet..executed quite effectively!
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This is most wonderful <3 Do you by any chance take requests ?? :D
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Wicked pic! Great work!
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That is incredible work, absolutely amazing detail. Keep it up!
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