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Shad0ws Brush Set 6

Here is a set of abstract/texture brushes.

Compatible with PS 7 and CS.

Once again comments greatly appreciated. Please :+fav: (favourite) if you download them, makes all the hard work worthwhile. Equally please credit if used.

Enjoy :D
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any artwork in which i can see them in use?
besides the preview ^ pic ofcourse ^^
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Most awesome!
Will DEFINITELY come in handy with my most current project.
DancingXInXTheXSky's avatar
These create a very beautiful effect! Lovely, thank you :)
AngelusNoir's avatar
interesting and evocative textures!...looking forward to trying your brushes out,thanks for sharing[and of course,I will credit if using so other people can find you here on dA:)]
jimmy2801's avatar
cool brushes!^^
Great effects. Creditted and fav'd

Thanks ShadoW!
JamesRushforth's avatar
Ritz-The-Walrus's avatar
thought it looked like fibers of some sort, fav and download!
djslipstream's avatar
Awesome set of brushes... good work! +fav
These ones really cought my eye. nicely done, as always.
JamesRushforth's avatar
Ty :)

I hope they come in useful.
Indie-Scent's avatar
I enjoy this a lot.

Everyone sees ice...I see grass with a shadow of a kid that just jumped off a swing.

lol, but it is very summery where I am, so maybe that's influencing it, haha.

*wishes she had Painter 7...or anything but what she's she can download them*
JamesRushforth's avatar
Lol. You've clearly got an artistic mind as i can't see a thing :D . He he.
Indie-Scent's avatar
Like I said -- it is VERY summery here. =)
AddeG's avatar
Nice nice..Love the Shadows...Ceep it up ^^
rockabillyska's avatar
I REALLY need to get photoshop.

I think these would work nicely for a lot of things I do.
JamesRushforth's avatar
Well they'll b here for a while :)
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I added it to my fav not becuse you said so, becuse it is truly deserves it, the shading and the textures is very nice.
JamesRushforth's avatar
Thanks very much :)
TomerM's avatar
Woha, i am sorry for the misunderstanding.
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