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They needed a little more red...

Rabbit replacing the lens in his goggles. Don't tell the rest of the manor where he got the colored glass.

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Oh Rabbit... xD
This is awesome. :D
theangelofdeath2's avatar
rabbbit yyyyyyyyyyyy u do dis
BloodedLunacy's avatar
Oh Rabbit... what have you done? XDD
thePatient312's avatar
Rabbit is my child. She's actually my favorite voice.
ShoobaQueen's avatar
haha! nice! Love this!!
Mirror-Draco's avatar
O no... Rabbit... 
AyaAzuresea's avatar
Perfect, simply perfect :clap: Seriously, I can imagine him doing this :D
Eiraina's avatar
hahahahahahaha! i just fell out of my chair!
TheARBL's avatar
The Spine's going to have a heart attack (power core attack?) if he finds out what Rabbit's been up to. This picture is hilarious.
1100QWILL's avatar
Love your art!!! And humor!
MissYamagawa's avatar
:iconilavplz: Awesome! I love Rabbit! xD
DeathByCelloCase's avatar
This is amazing. Brilliant.
Adriadolphin's avatar
Rabbit being Rabbit, Pfft! xD Can't stop giggling, but sinde when does he have green eyes? o.O
jameson9101322's avatar
He has one green one and one blue one
Warrioratheart's avatar
He so would. Haha, this is great~
Marquise's avatar
Someone definately NEED to FIX Rabbit!

How comes it was Hatchworth that went on Ebay? Oh true... The Spine DEFINITIVELY needs to be there to keep an eye on Rabbit! (More prudent)
KlownCat's avatar
This made me giggle
Artoveli's avatar
Why it's so important to keep the schedule full of shows. Unoccupied Rabbit gets up to things otherwise...
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