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That'll be the way home

"That's the way we gotta go, fellas. It's gonna be a long trip... I doubt all five of us will make it... but it'll be an adventure, that part's for sure!"

I love me some Steam Powered Giraffe. This is my tribute to all Automotons current and past. It's been quite a journey from four friends in the park to performing nationwide with two - nearly three - albums to their name. There've been comings and goings, but you've all put in so much work and brought so much spirit. Thank you for making something really special and sharing it with the world.

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I've heard of that band. They were mentioned in a Steampunk Guidebook "for Simpletons", I believe.
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I'm so sad about Upgrade and The Jon...The Jon in particular was always my favorite and I miss him dearly.  Love your drawing and all the symbolism you included.  Very clever and heartfelt. <3
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I suppose Rabbit should have at least one eye closed.
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I feel like Upgrade and The Jon's eyes are closed because they aren't in the band anymore... So sad.. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?
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Is Hatchy crying? He's like the most optimistic one...that just hurt the most. Great expressions and wonderful concept. 

Well done. :)
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Ah, I miss the good old days and this is such a sweet picture of it. :3 A little sad to see The Spine's expression though.
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just recently got in to this band and this just makes me tear up in all the right ways !
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Its such a great band :) and such a great act! I can't wait to see what they come up with next
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This is one of my favorite pieces of SPG fanart ever.
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"What is this leaking affecting my eye? Does the oil that is dripping mean this is a cry?" Dang right it does. I just, why must you hurt me in this way?
Anyway, beautiful artwork indeed. What really got me was the expressions. Rabbit's so optimistic, HatchWorth is a bit confused maybe, but Upgrade, The Jon, The Spine. Their expressions, oh my gosh. The Spine is so sad, like he's sorry that Upgrade and The Jon left. And The Jon and Upgrade, they look so peaceful, so much in everyone's expression is said. Rabbit: We'll get there! HatchWorth: Maybe.. Maybe we will. The Spine: I'm so sorry. The Jon and Upgrade: It's okay. We're okay and you will be too, just like always.
Like I said, beautiful, and just, great job.
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Aw thank you :) I'm glad so much of the message came through!
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Just read that and it fits the picture so well, TryToSmileMore <3
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I love this band and have for several months now, seeing this picture has brought back a lot of memories. Thank you :)
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...Permission to cry?
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The Spine and Hatchy look kinda sad... 
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They know Upgrade and Jon aren't coming
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...Well that's depressing. Kinda sweet in a way though.
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What's the girls name again?
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I'm gonna cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(
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Fascinating, how Jon and Upgrade's eyes are closed... but Hatchy, Spine, and Rabbit's are still open, looking forward. :O
. . .
Did you do that on purpose? To represent the ones that have "passed on"?
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