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Tank Grown
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Published: August 7, 2010
I am not perfect. I wait...to be released...

The Tank Grown Krogan. He opened the door for us when we were looking for Okeer in Mass Effect 2. I wanted to keep him but he wandered away... off into the wastes... never to be heard from again.

I named him Tango. I love him. I invite you all to adopt him and love him too...

Poor Tango, he's all alone on that planet full of dead Krogan; nameless, faceless. He holds tight to one purpose: defending this ground, but there's no one to defend it from anymore and there's nothing worth protecting. Day and night cycle but nothing really passes. Tango has no one, he is no one...he is nothing.

He stops in his tracks as night cycle comes on, he reaches up and removes his helmet. For the first time he sees the sun pass on his broken world with his own eyes, the place as empty and abandoned as he feels inside. The creeping night cycle steals the warmth from the wreckage and drags him slowly into grief.

~my ballad for Tango
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Make the voices stop. Make them stop. Glass mother voice again, again.
Make them stop. Make them stop.
Someone… please… help… please…
Make them stop…
Someone… please

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SubliminalDesireHobbyist General Artist
Aw. Now I feel I must write a Tango rescue story. Like, it has to happen.
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jameson9101322Professional General Artist
If you do PLEASE TELL ME ;_;
SubliminalDesire's avatar
SubliminalDesireHobbyist General Artist
Will do. :D
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Hes part of my head canon.
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MomoBio-FanHobbyist Writer
Thank god I'm not the only person who wanted him I at least want to know what happens to him he seemed to strong to die to smart too I named him Celtic mostly because I want to name a son that some day 
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TheWesInAwesomeHobbyist Digital Artist
I just met him in the game, and I so badly want to make him a member of the team instead of the other Krogan.
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jameson9101322Professional General Artist
Give the other a chance, he's a cool guy :) But yes, in my fancanon, Shepard grabs Tango and takes him along.... the poor guy was so sad.
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RadicalArtEnthusiastStudent Digital Artist
:c I really wanted him on my team. Poor guy.
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I named him Purpose. I wanted to help him too, the poor dear.
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Can't help myself... I :love: him! :cling:
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Poor Krogan :( His only fault was being artificially born :(
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AlertedRapierImp19Student General Artist
So sad. I wanted this guy to come with my crew so badly. U only have short dialogue with this guy but it always makes weep, and its worse that u don't what happens to him! Poor baby krogan ur perfect for me and little Grunt needs a brother to headbutt with.
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Dx I wanted him too! I wanted to snuggle and hug and nuzzle the big berserker. I even used him as the base for a mass effect text role play, wanted him to get his own story. Yay for not being alone while in thinking he should loved!!! >w< I named him Tank though, born from a tank, built like a tank, my dog's name is Tank, TANK!
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Oh... Oh god... ;____; My poor little tank born... You wouldn't think there would be anything that could top or compete with the shitastic endings but, there it is. T____T You make me ugly cry, sir. :iconcryforeverplz:
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jameson9101322Professional General Artist
There's nothing worse than the death or suffering of the innocent
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*hugs Tango* I felt bad for this guy too!
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I've just seen this and your other Tango pic and I must say I'm so glad I wasn't the only one that wanted to go 'OH YOU POOR BABY ;_;'
Making one of those poor Tank Bred into a character was something I've always wanted to do, but never got around to when making my own Krogan characters, so this was just epic to see.
And whilst I love the subject matter to death the drawing itself is incredible. I know people don't often go 'great anatomy' in comments usually but, well, great anatomy! The Krogan can be such an awkward race proportionally and you did a really good job at it!
Thank you so much for breathing a bit more life into the poor sod <3
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jameson9101322Professional General Artist
Oh believe me, it's my pleasure :) I'm in love with the krogan and Tango was just so cute... its wasn't fair that he vanished - I couldn't even run in circles around him a couple times to say goodbye!

My Shepard canon she still goes back and gets him to work in the cargo bay.
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I know D:
Maybe there's an adorable little collection of Tank Bred Krogans still on the planet?
Though I do like the the cargo bay idea. Not entirely sure if Grunt would end up trying to beat Tango into a 'proper' Krogan, or whether he'd be trying to keep the humans away from the naive Krogan so he can grow to be a warrior on his own...

Or maybe I'm sad because I thought HE was Grunt when I first found him ;_;
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VindreaHobbyist Digital Artist
I love the emotion in this one :heart:
oh, and lighting too (:
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jameson9101322Professional General Artist
Thank you :)
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honeybadgerwrathStudent Writer
Poor Tango. He just needs a hug. :(
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DoodlebotbopHobbyist General Artist
Oh FFFFF I wanted him to come with us so bad too!

Oh btw I've played Mass Effect 2 now so I understand some of your love of this series and I want to adopt Tango! Pleeeaaase!
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