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I wanted one... oh man I wanted one so bad.

I still want one.

Not so much a punchline on this strip, not like part 1 which is here:…

Fem!Shep is mine. Her name is Jame, appropriately. In ME1 she's pure Paragon Soldier in ME2 she's 10% Renegade and an Infiltrator. Cerberus kicked the girlscout out of her.

I :heart: you Wrex.

Oh and DhaKarta wrote an awesome backstory in the comments:…

on tumblr:…
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I like how you described how "Cerberus kicked the girlscout out of her." I felt the same way about my ManShep.

Damn, I wish we could have gotten a hug when we met him again on Tuchanka. Hug