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Princess Ally is Bored

I have a lot of work to do this weekend, but I really wanted to draw so I took a break and drew this picture of Ally from 0051 as a princess! She doesn't get a chance to have the limelight all that often.

Even as a princess she's being herself - generally bored with the whole thing.
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ally: Send in the useless jester
jester: im dead
churchTEA's avatar
da dress dsn't fit her
DemonHunterJoan's avatar
Oh my. Poor country she's going to rule one day...
fireweed15's avatar
Her majesty is not amused.
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Bored, and more than a bit pissed off, I'd say.
x0cutiepie0x's avatar
lol bored Ally is not amused :bored:
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I need to tell her majesty about an upcoming invasion, but she has me more concerned than the invaders do! D8

Not sure if her pose matches the angle of her throne exactly, but it's a quick doodle so nevermind. =3
jameson9101322's avatar
She's slouching, she's not supposed to be sitting straight on it
silversister's avatar
I know, but when I compare her bottom and legs to the chairs angle, it just looked a bit odd at first.
jameson9101322's avatar
You're probably right, I didn't use a reference so I bet i'd have done it different if there were a model or something. As it is there's no seat in that chair anyway!
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Someone is not amused. XD

I think she's one princess who would actually WANT to be kidnapped, if only for some excitement :P
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What he don't see are the Chief clones, topless, performing for her amusement. Must not be a good show...
CreativeImages's avatar
That expression is absolutely perfect!

Pink looks good on her! :heart:
...well purply pink :aww:
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What she needs is a giant wizard tortoise to come and kidnap her.

Mmmm.... Chief in plumber gear...
jameson9101322's avatar
lol That's a crossover I haven't done yet
smeagol92055's avatar
Ooh, or Chief dressed up as Link. Heck, he's already got the whole green motif goin' on.
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I can't stop laughing! This is perfect! I think its the tiara+expression. Beautiful!
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I can make here unboard...
WolfBlitz2's avatar
looks like she will rip someone's throat out :D
FenceWalker's avatar
She looks more pissed than bored, lol.
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Ranchoth's avatar
I love that face. :D

The picture just needs a grimly bombastic voiceover from Mako, I think.
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