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Heartblade Sarge



95 Sarge - Red vs Blue

What is a Heartblade? [link]
Other Heartblades: [link]

I freakin' love Sarge. I chose to draw Sarge in MarkV armor because this, specifically, is the Sarge of Seasons 1-3. The one who was enthusiastic and patriotic to a fault. The one that could build a cyborg out of Simmons, Grif and a Fax Machine but needed Lopez to fix the jeep. The one who was zealous and overconfident but not crushingly stupid... definitely too proud to admit he's wrong.

I had no choice on his heartblade, it basically designed itself. His heart is his shotgun and the keychain is the flag of the Red Army. Sarge is such a simple man... :heart:
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I got done drawing the sketch version of it. Let me know if there's anything that I need to change. medafighterok.deviantart.com/a…