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"The days are coming," declares the LORD, "when the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman and the planter by the one treading grapes. New wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills."
-Amos 9:13

It is all about the issue of the reaper (nag-aani) being overtaken by the plowman. Many people (like the plowman) are contended of their current state. Those people can be compared to a car running at a constant speed of 10 kph (kilometres per hour). However, time is not waiting for you—for all of us. We need to keep up the gas in order for us to keep up with other's pacing. The pastor stated three reasons why we need to accelerate.

1. If we don't accelerate, you will be left behind.

It is true that we will be left behind. I'll make my situation as an example. I am already a third year college student but I still have many units left in my curriculum in order for me to graduate. But because of my laziness, I do not study often. I spend time in playing computer games. Bottomline: I spend most of my time unwisely instead of doing my part as a student. And so, my blockmates are already in their major subjects while I am still stuck in Mathematics Exit Exam.

2. If we don't accelerate, we will be a big stumbling block to those people behind us who are accelerating forward

If you didn't keep up the pace, it will lead you into two options: (a) you are going to be run over by those who are accelerating faster than you or much worse, (b) you are slowing down those who are running behind you. In short, nandadamay ka pa ng ibang tao dahil sa kabagalan mo.

I already gave an example above. Most of my blockmates already went ahead of me. They are in their majors already. I am one of those people who are still stuck in the minor subjects.

I'll provide another example for letter (b). Let's go back to cars. If you are in a one-way road and you are driving slow, the drivers behind you will be irritated because they are slowing also. Another good example is stated by our pastor:There is a female student who has a good potential in succeeding in life. She is knowledgeable, beautiful, charismatic, intelligent, and kind. But suddenly, a male student befriends her. The guy is making a "move" to the lady until they got attractive to each other. Naging sila at that time and then something happened. Their deep "intimacy" with each other is so bad that the lady got pregnant and her future was ruined because of it. Isipin mo lang, maganda ang future ng babae. Sabay sinira lang ng lalaki. Think about it. What if you are like the guy in the story in that story?

3. If we don't accelerate, it is costly

Let us go back to cars again. Pretend that you are driving a car for the first time but you are scared to shift the gear stick into the second gear. You are afraid of going too fast so you decided to stick at the first gear but you didn't realize that you are wasting fuel because of it. You still like driving at 10 kph even though your vehicle's maximum speed is at (let's say) 180 kph on average. You are not maximizing the potential of your vehicle just because of the fear of shifting the gear stick into a higher level.

Most people are like that. I am kind of like that. I am afraid of going higher because I am afraid to face the challenges. I am afraid of doing something wrong. I am afraid of responsibilites. I stay in the mediocre level because it is my comfort zone. But I realized that I am wasting time in the Institute. Yung miscellaneous fee ko, ganoon pa rin ang bayad pero ang subject units ko, hindi nama-maximize. Naa-antala ang pag-graduate ko dahil hindi ako nagsisikap ng mabuti sa aking pag-aaral. Clearly, I am just wasting my time and my energy before.

If we are going to analyze the whole situation, the problem that keeps us from shifting our gear stick to a higher level is because of our fear. But remember this, my beloved readers: perfect love drives out fear (1 John 4:18). Sometimes, it only takes a little faith to overcome our fear. If you think you are facing many challenges that makes you scared of going up. Do not worry. You and I are not alone because God is with us. He is aware of our challenges and our struggles. Wanna know the key of letting go of fear? Acknowledge the fact that you need Someone who can do all things because anything is possible if a person believes (Mark 9:23). Accept the fact that you and I are weak and we cannot do some things on our own.

My beloved readers, I'll repeat it again: it only takes a little bit of faith as small as a mustard seed to overcome your unbelief. In fact, you can even ask God's help if you are having trouble in believing in Him. You can pray to God to help you "overcome our unbelief". Let go of your fear and let God handle your fears and worries do your part. Go and accelerate! Move to another gear. Yes, sometimes we will going to stumble down but it is risk that we can take. Parang work-out exercise lang iyan eh. Sa unang beses lang masakit ang pagbubuhat dahil hindi ka sanay pero in the end, you will just get use to it. I'll end it here.

Thank you for reading this...
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Busy Life

1 min read
Well, I rarely upload artworks here in deviantART since I am always busy in my studies---engineering studies to be exact.
As much as I want to improve my art style, my hectic schedule is always present. Perhaps I could upload some of my fast sketches here in deviantART also (since I'm more active in Facebook Art Groups) so that I could stay tuned to my friends here in deviantART.

Oh, look at the time. I'm getting late. Bye for now.... and have a good day to you all
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