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Basic Head Guide

Goodluck in understanding my messy guide. Read and study at your own risk (haha! *evil laugh*)
Have fun guys... I hope this might help you. Hahaha!

EDIT: Guys, this so so important! TAKE NOTE that the blue circle is about two-thirds (2/3) of the whole sphere. Please do take note. Thank you!
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Thanks a lot, exactly what i need for my studies!
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Thanks for sharing this....I think it will be very helpful!
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your guidelines and the whole thing aren't parallel to the top and bottom borders, thus everything leans...don't you think if you're going to try to helps others you should get your lines straight?
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I'm sorry. I'm still having a hard time doing some straight lines using a pen tablet. Hope that you understand. XD
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yes that face is scary. nice tutorial
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hahahaha... I know right.
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Appriciate it!
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Thank you based Loomis. After getting through the pain of that method, i would advise every aspiring artist to replace the sphere with a box. The head is more like a box and for beginners a sphere can be tricky when drawn from different angles. just saying.
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Yes. I do agree that the sphere is tricky. I would like to thank you for that added info because I didn't encounter that trick before. I learn to draw heads the hard way and it took me 6 months to understand proportions and everything...
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Thank you for the tips
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no problem. have fun...
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Thank you

This will come in handy for me. X w X
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you are welcome, my friend
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