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I am thinking about a selection based game but something different.
you may think "nah man. even someone say different it goes the same."
maybe. but what if i say you make the choice backward?

you decided between two or three options in future one first. then the scene moves to the past. make another decision.
my plan is you'll make only 5. if it has more, harder to make, easier to lose the player's interest because players don't know what the heck is going on.

so anyway, after make all the decisions, the real story starts. but the stories that you'd made won't be same.

here's the demos
1st scene. destructing facility.
a man who dressed as researcher just woke up from the faint. he barely stood up and head toward the machine with pretty big red button.
will you press the button or just walk out through the door next to it?

(no demo in 2nd scene or has not completed yet)

3rd scene. a guy with a rifle was aiming at two people who were sitting at cafe which is across a few roads.
companion who was sitting another side of cafe said "the target is the left one."
will you shoot the LEFT one to you or to your companion? OR you could just miss the target for the purpose.

(no demo in 4th and 5th scene or have not completed yet)

so with those decision that you made, here're the result.

1st scene: press the button, 3rd scene: shoot the left on your side
You're a investigator who's looking for secret evil facility. you'd successfully infiltrate in to the facility and it's about to destroy this place! so you'd press and ka-boom.

1st scene: press the button, 3rd scene: shoot the left on your companion's side.
You're a worker in ParaDox corp. you'd successfully assassinated the target but that was fake. you tried to stop him but it was too late. a bad guy is about to destroy the building that you're working. however thankfully, you hit the stabilizer button. so everything goes back to normal.

1st scene: press the button, 3rd scene: miss the target
You have schizophrenia. but it's not serious. still you're in control of yourself. hopefully you didn't kill any innocent people. and the voice you'd heard was hallucination. in clinic, you'd called for a help that your situation is not good. hallucination was getting stronger and stronger.

1st scene: go through the door, 3rd scene: shoot the left on your side
You're a spy who works for communist government. blah blah blah.....
yeah... i'm quite out of idea...

so here it is. at least i can do programming, but i don't have visual skill, story writing and stuff....
here's what i need
story writers. we need over 100 stories!!! OMG!!!! (to think about it, maybe i need to decrease some scene or selections...)
visual artists. i can do extremely basic one. but i can't do better...
animators. even we have good artists, without or not enough animators we can't do it right. :(
so yeah... i don't think we can't do this for free... because of everybody's efforts.

and one more. director.
i have no idea how to continue this project. only i have is game concept, basic visual art skill and 
amateur programming skill.
so if there somebody who wants to join, let me know.
I'm in South Korea which is GMT +9:00 time zone AKA KST(Korean Standard Time).
Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne 
had you achieved you 2017 plans?   Neither do I :p
however hope you guy can do whatever your goal in 2018!!!!!!!!!
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Please don't be sad if you don't get any cakes from anybody.
maybe next time, you may have a chance!

but i saved one special gift for a very special friend!
that friend hasn't received any cakes yet from me.

so YOU might be the one who'll get a special present!
why don't we be  special friends?

because i'm alone...
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it's been 2 months since i came back from the military service.
and i really wanna draw something right now.
but i can't see.

don't get me wrong. my eye sight is fine. i mean the vision of music.
at the past, i just drew what i hear, what i feel.
but now, all i can see when i listen musics is just... emptiness... i cannot feel anymore. i cannot see anymore.
even i could had listened the musics from my art, now i hear nothing.
i missed the vision.

is this side effects of my antidepressant or sleeping drug?
or should i just need to wait a little bit longer?

i'm scared of losing my senses.
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some of my friends might know i'm on vacation.
but i have to say this.
i'm so sorry.

i really want to have really nice chat with you, play game together or draw something...
but i have too many things to do before my vacation end......

prepare some graduation project(i call it as ParaDoxRTS.), meet my relatives and korean friends and other things.......
i can't even play game for 4 hours!! (wait, is it too long for you?)

*sigh.... i do wanna see you.... and please forgive me....

or maybe i'm too shy to meet you for some reason....
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I know that I cannot work(such as translating, drawing, developing, etc...) in the army.
I thought at least SOMEBODY wouldn't erase me.
I thought even if they would erase me, it would take over 1 year.

And it's been 5 months.

I couldn't find myself in over half of SOMEWHERE that I had worked like gangbusters.
Where did I go? My traces are here, but where is ME? 
Everything feels like I wasn't even part of 'em.

Well, I guess I wasn't enough to be remembered.
I should have worked harder. I should have reminded to them.

It's around 16 months left right now, but I don't think I would be remembered after it is over.
That is fine. I could start from the beginning just like I had done at very first time.
Just like fresh start. (Thinking positive.)

Do not worry, I will never move or reset my account.
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September 25th ~ 28th KST (4 days)
[KST: Korean Standard Timezone = GMT + 09:00]

I can finally do something!!!
I wanna start making planned flashes, drawing everything that i've been thought since i enter the military camp, developing RTS with planet combat game, etc!!!!!

and say hi to every friends. :')


and now... it's time to go back.
i'm so sorry to my friends that i haven't said anything to...
i don't know why i didn't say anything.. maybe because too shy to talk or i just have no time... (yeah... i spent most of time to translate things....)
i'll let you know when 2nd vacation get planned.

i'm so glad to everything. and thanks to everything.
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I really tried to delay this moment, but the time doesn't wait for me.

As you see, I am a South Korean man.
And every healthy men who was born in Korea must do military service.

Which means that is my turn now.

You might think like "Hey, what's up with that military service thing? You could just go there and do soldier stuff, right? It's not that bad, dude."
Yeah. It's not that bad if you have full-free internet connection.

To explain this easier, I'll go for 2 years camp without internet.

This 'camp' will start at 2016 June 20th 14:00 KST(Korean Standard Time).
Since then, no post, no reply, no everything.
Well, unless I have very lucky time during the camp.

But if something goes wrong, it never happened to me, I wouldn't have to go to the camp or I wouldn't come back from the camp.
I'll be okay. Because I am.

I just want you not to forget me. That's all.
Just greet me when I come back.

Thank you for everything what you did.
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my daily routine was login into skype as soon as i turn on my computer and check you how much words were said on group chat.

but after THAT happened, i'm really afraid to do it.
still those friends are remain in our team, i'm getting hard to see them as time goes by.
at the first time, i just want to remember it because i don't want to make same mistake again. however, it keeps hunt me down.

everytime i see them on group chat or similar names from anywhere, i feel something to explode.
i feel like break down if it hits my limit. and that depression would kill me.

everybody forgave me, but still i cannot forgive myself.
i keep run, it keeps find me.

Capture by JamesKaret
(right before i left the group chat)

i haven't remove this chat from my favorite so i can read again and again. i just don't want to lose this moment.

why i can't forgive myself...
it's already gone.. nobody mind this problem anymore...

as my friends say hi to me, i lie "i'm fine.", "Everything is okay."...
but my mind cries and shout "i'm not okay.", "please help me."
no any other problems but only just THAT.....

i am breaking down...
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I want to Play with you.
I want to Make you smile.
I want you to be Happy.


I can't Play myself...
I can't Make myself smile...
I can't be Happy...


Can you Play with me?
Can you Make me smile?
Can I be Happy?

I'm bored.
because I am alone...
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6180 the moon (Silence) (Finished)

Alan Wake (English) (Finished)
Albino Lullaby (English) (Finished)
Anomaly 2 (English) (Finished)
Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag (English) (Cancelled)

Battlefield 3 (Korean) (Finished)
Battlefield 4 (Korean) (Finished)
Battlefield Hardline (Korean) (Finished)
Bioshock 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Bioshock Infinite (English) (Finished)
Brink (Silence) (Finished)

Call of Duty 2 (Korean) (Not Finished)
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (Korean) (Finished)
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (Korean) (Finished)
Call of Duty Black Ops (Korean) (Finished)
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (Korean) (Cancelled)
Call of Duty Ghosts (Korean) (Finished)
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (Korean) (Finished)
Call of Duty World at War (Korean) (Finished)
Company of Heroes 2 (English) (Finished)
Cry of Fear (English) (Cancelled)

Dead Space (Korean) (Finished)
Dead Space 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Dead Space 3 (English) (Finished)
Decay: The Mare (Korean) (Finished)
Dementium 2 HD (English) (Cancelled)
Duet (Silence) (Finished)
Dying Light (Korean) (Finished)

ELEMENT4L (Silence) (Finished)

Fahrenheit (English) (Finished)
Far Cry 4 (Korean) (Finished)
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (English) (Finished)

Ghost Recon Future Soldier (English) (Finished)

(Gmod Maps)
Grand Theft Auto 5 (Korean) (Finished)
Grey Goo (English) (Finished)

Hatred (English) (Finished)
Hektor (English) (Finished)

I Am Alive (Korean) (Finished)

I Am Bread (English) (Finished)
In Vervis Virtus (English) (Cancelled)

Just Cause 2 (English) (Finished)
Just Cause 3 (English) (Not Finished)

Left 4 Dead (English) (Finished)
Left 4 Dead 2 (Korean) (Cancelled)
Life is Strange (English) (Finished)

Mafia 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Mars War Logs (English) (Cancelled)
Medal of Honor (Korean) (Not Finished)
Medal of Honor Warfighter (Korean) (Finished)
Mermaid Swamp (English) (Finished)
Metal Gear Solid 5 (English) (Not Finished)
Metro 2033 (Korean) (Finished)
Metro Last Light (Korean) (Finished)
Mirror's Edge (Korean) (Finished)
Murdered Soul Suspect (English) (Finished)

Octodad (Korean) (Finished)
Oil Rush (Korean) (Finished)
oO (Silence) (Finished)
Outlast (English) (Finished)

Portal 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Prototype (Korean) (Finished)
Prototype 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Puddle (Silence) (Finished)

Q.U.B.E (Korean) (Finished)

Remember Me (Korean) (Finished)

(Scary Indie Games)
Sniper Elite 3 (English) (Finished)
Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army (Korean) (Finished)
Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 (Korean) (Finished)
SOMA (Korean) (Not Finished)
Spec Ops The Line (Korean) (Finished)
Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Korean) (Finished)
Spore (Silence) (Finished)

Tales From The Borderlands (English) (Finished)
The Cat Lady (English) (Finished)
The Swapper (English) (Finished)
The White Chamber (Korean) (Finished)
THIEF (English) (Finished)
Titanfall (Korean) (Finished)
Tomb Raider (Korean) (Finished)

Volt (Silence) (Cancelled)

Walking Dead Season 1 (English) (Finished)
Walking Dead Season 2 (English) (Finished)
White Day (Korean) (Cancelled)
White Night (English) (Cancelled)
Wolfenstein The New Order (English) (Finished)
Wolfenstein The Old Blood (English) (Finished)

Zombie Army Trilogy (Korean) (Finished)

All Gameplay List Counts: 90 (Without Others, Scary Indie Games and Gmod Maps)
Finished Gameplay List Counts: 75
Not Finished Gameplay List Counts: 5
Cancelled Gameplay List Counts: 10

Korean Commentary List Counts: 46
English Commentary List Counts: 36
Silence Commentary List Counts: 8

Thank You For All Your Views!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Have Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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In my Korean Blog, you can check my Korean translation of DHMIT series!!!


[Naver Blog]
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Crossed Equestria team finally started to re-make the original pages, and i started to translate 'em again!!!!!!
You may Check the original Pages on CE's tumblr!!!  [link]

and you may check my translations on my Tumblr, or Korean Naver Blog!!!

JK's Tumblr: [link]
Naver Blog: [link]
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because i sent my translations to :iconrated-r-ponystar: via :iconvinyldarkscratch:.
so you can check every Korean translations of it on his DA.
right here.…

don't worry. i never stop translating.
please tell me if you want me to translate something really funny. :D
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6180 the moon (Silence) (not Finished)

Alan Wake (English) (Pending)
Anomaly 2 (English) (Finished)
Assassins's Creed 4 Black Flag (English) (Cancelled)

Battlefield 3 (Korean) (Finished)
Battlefield 4 (Korean) (Finished)
Battlefield Hardline (Korean) (Pending)
Bioshock Infinite (English) (Finished)
Brink (Silence) (Finished)

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (Korean) (not Finished)
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Call of Duty Ghosts (Korean) (Finished)
Company of Heroes 2 (English) (Finished)
Cry of Fear (English) (Cancelled)

Dead Space (Korean) (not Finished)
Dead Space 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Dead Space 3 (English) (Finished)
Dementium 2 HD (English) (Cancelled)

Far Cry 4 (Korean) (not Finished)
Five Nights At Freddy's 2 (English) (not Finished)

Ghost Recon Future Soldier (English) (Finished)

I Am Alive (Korean) (Finished)

Just Cause 2 (English) (Finished)

Left 4 Dead (English) (Finished)
Left 4 Dead 2 (Korean) (Pending)

Mafia 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Mars War Logs (English) (Cancelled)
Metro 2033 (Korean) (not Finished)
Metro Last Light (Korean) (Finished)
Mirror's Edge (Korean) (Finished)
Murdered Soul Suspect (English) (Finished)

Oil Rush (Korean) (Finished)
Outlast (English) (Finished)

Portal 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Prototype (Korean) (Finished)
Prototype 2 (Korean) (not Finished)
Puddle (Silence) (Finished)

Q.U.B.E. (Korean) (Finished)

Remember Me (Korean) (Finished)

(Scary Indie Games)
Sniper Elite 3 (English) (Finished)
Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army (Korean) (Finished)
Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 (Korean) (Finished)
Spec Ops The Line (Korean) (Finished)
Splinter Cell Blacklist (Korean) (Finished)
Spore (Silence) (Finished)

The Swapper (English) (Finished)
The White Chamber (Korean) (Finished)
THIEF (English) (Finished)
TitanFall (Korean) (Finished)
Tomb Raider (Korean) (Finished)

Volt (Silence) (Pending)

Walking Dead (English) (Finished)
Walking Dead Season 2 (English) (not Finished)
White Day (Korean) (Cancelled)
Wolfenstein The New Order (English) (Finished)

All Gameplay list counts: 56 (without Others, Scary Indie Games)
Finished Gameplay list counts: 39
not Finished Gameplay list counts: 8
Pending Gameplay list counts: 4
Cancelled Gameplay list counts: 5

Korean commentary Gameplay list counts: 30
English commentary Gameplay list counts: 21
Silence commentary Gameplay list counts: 5

Thank you for all your Supports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Alan Wake (English) (not Finished)

Anomaly 2 (English) (Finished)

Battlefield 3 (Korean) (Finished)

Battlefield 4 (Korean) (not Finished)

Bioshock Infinite (English) (Finished)

Brink (Silence) (Finished)

Call of Duty: Ghosts (Korean) (not Finished)

Cry of Fear (English) (not Finished)

Company of Heroes 2 (English) (Finished)

Dead Space 2 (Korean) (not Finished)

Dead Space 3 (English) (Finished)

Just Cause 2 (English) (not Finished)

Left 4 Dead 1 (English) (Finished)

Left 4 Dead 2 (Korean) (not Finished)

Mars War Logs (English) (not Finished)

Metro: Last Light (Korean) (Finished)

Mirror's Edge (Korean) (Finished)

Oil Rush (Korean) (Finished)


Outlast (English) (Finished)

Portal 2 (Korean) (Finished)

Prototype (Korean) (not Finished)

Puddle (Silence) (not Finished)

Q.U.B.E. (Korean) (Finished)

Remember Me (Korean) (Finished)

(Scary Indie Games)

Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army (Korean) (Finished)

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 (Korean) (Finished)

Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Korean) (not Finished)

Spore (Silence) (not Finished)

The Swapper (English) (Finished)

The White Chamber (Korean) (Finished)

Tomb Raider: Reboot (Korean) (not Finished)

White Day (Korean) (not Finished)



All Gameplay list counts: 32 (without Scary Indie Games and Others)

Finished Gameplay list counts: 18

not Finished Gameplay list counts: 14

Korean comment Gameplay list counts: 18

English comment Gameplay list counts: 11


Thank you for all your Supports...!!!!!!!!!!!

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just check this page…

you know what to do.



(dang.... i think i like LIMBO too much...)

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Donwload FLA file:…
Download SWF file:…

original post (Korean)…

translate (just only control...)

←, a: move left
→, d: move right
c: sit
w, ↑: stand, move up if you attached ladder
s, ↓: move down if you attached ladder
space bar: jump (jump down when you attached ladder)
mouse move: aim
mouse left click: fire
r: reload weapon
f: action (resupply ammo if you're standed in front of ammo box)
1: switch primary weapon
2: switch secondary weapon

ps. fla file for over then CS5
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in Tumblr who i follow or who follows me, i ask same question.

that's "Question of James Karet V1.5"
the question is

'Tell the overn then 7 words which can define yourself.'

now, you guys and girls tell me your words in the comments ;)

(that's my words!! ;D)
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swf file download:…

original post:…

how to play:
a: move left
d: move right
1: make right hand empty
2: equip portable cutter
space bar: jump
mouse: righthand aim
mouse click: use right hand tool

ps.i'm looking for some people who can work with me.