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My Bio

As an amateur Korean Translator, I translated quite lots of things. comics, videos, books, applications, etc...

Most of them are officially qualified to translate them by asking permission from creators. But a few of them aren't.

My goal of translation is make them similar as original ones as possible. So please don't misunderstand me and support original artists.

And also, I do my personal art and something else.

I would appreciate if you see them.

or just say hi to me....

[Request is opened...] Keep in mind: I might forget what I should do...

[Commission is closed...] I don't think I'm skilled enough to do it. Sorry...

[Ask about Trade...] Because I don't know where to start.

[Ask about Collab...] Why not?? let's do it!!!

[Gift is opened...] Wait until the lightning hits you.

Naver blog(Korean): http://blog.naver.com/jeoong94/

YouTube Channel (Gameplay): (Not on active)


Favourite Visual Artist
Cyriak, David Firth
Favourite Movies
Interstellar, Gravity
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tristam, Conro, CloudNone, Puppet
Favourite Games
Beat Saber, H3VR, Receiver2
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Index(VR)

What is going on?

What is going on?

You see my art works. But they are all strange. Not connected, no idea why I did those. Before we go deeper, I'm only talking about my OC arts. Not gift arts nor pretty unknown character art thingies. Visual background is not important. The point is my characters. They are my emotions. Each character represent one of my emotion and mind. Judith (blue green hair, wears white dress) is pureness and curiosity. She wants to know everything. But sometimes curiosity could go very wrong. To stop that, I needed to mix those minds to one. It's not the best way, but it WAS the best way for me. Julia (purple hair, wears uniform suit) is my past memor

My universe theory

My universe theory

Let's talk about universe. There are two universe in my head. One is parallel multi universe which is my OCs universes(Should I call them multiverse?), the other is infinite space universe.(or unmeasurable size) Before I found a strange spot on common universe theory, my universe had huge potential which can compatible with every stories. The games that we'd played, the stories that we'd heard. Even every spaces that YOU can create. However it required a little bit of fiction. Someone should jump into a black hole to jump or create another universe. To do that, I had to create over tech knowledge corporation company called "ParaDox" Para



Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas... I see so lots of arts on the internet. But I want to see something unique. just anything. But everybody are celebrating the holiday with their own way. I'm not saying that is problem. Just... Like... I am looking at other scenery that nobody wouldn't see. I tried so hard but I couldn't beat my own laziness. so... I just wrote things some scenes in my head. A. Young Santa One kid doesn't use cookies can a cup of milk for thanking to Santa. The kid use them to make a chance to give a present to Santa. B. Child without "Santa" Someone had happy Christmas because of their own 'Santa'. But others could

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HassanLechkarHobbyist General Artist
Happy (early) Birthday! :star: :cake: :star:
I hope you're having an amazing day and I wish all the best for you! :party: :hug:
JamesKaretHobbyist General Artist

Oh my, i almost forgot that it's my birthday soon! Thank you!!! :D:D:D:D

Hello again James :)

I have news. My 20th birthday is in a few days (October 28th)
I see you've been to my page again :)

Have you seen the puppets I've made? ^^
JamesKaretHobbyist General Artist
Yes. those are hand puppets, aren't they?
I always envy someone who can create something in real one.
Yes they are ^^ All of them were designed to look cute and adorable. And with some clear inspiration from mr. Henson himself :)

Also what exactly do you mean by? "I always envy someone who can create something in real one."
JamesKaretHobbyist General Artist
literally, i have no still to make something in physical object. plushies, figures, etc...
I tried some, but the result was not good.
guess computer dude should stay in computer. :/