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Dream Demon- Break Time Art #225


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Karai- Break Time Art #215


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Valentine of Darkness

The Idle Wing

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Roxie Rae Barbie

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Leonardo 2012- Break Time Art #161

The Break Room Refrigerator

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The Nation of You

The country of Jamesgannon is a quiet country with black architecture and gray roads strewn about. The only color seen throughout the land is offered by nature herself, which is well kept by the populace. The citizenry are known as JayJees, whom sleep during the day and are active at night. As such, the skin is more pale than folks from other countries. While there is no official uniform of Jamesgannon, they do tend to dress in dark threads. Despite the cooler temperature of the country, the JayJees always drink their coffee iced. Currency is called G's, which unfortunately causes confusion in other countries where "G" is slang for 1,000. Sim


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