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Viruses- Break Time Art #169

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The classic trio of Viruses from the Dr. Mario series, and the only mainstays in each iteration. Currently referred to as just their color names, they were originally known as Chill (Blue), Fever (Blue), and Weird (Yellow). No, yellow's name wasn't "Off". Quite possibly of extraterrestrial origin.
Artists Notes:
-The "close up" sprites of the Viruses from the NES game, as well as the ghastly redesigns of them for Dr. Mario World, depicted the viruses wearing different colored accessories. Official art showed them with white gloves and brown shoes. To make them look more closely related, I gave them matching accessories. Likewise, their eyes, tongues, and teeth were also shown to be varied, and I also decided to make them coincide with each other. In particular, Chill and Fever have been depicted with yellow eyes while Weird had orange, so I just made them all orange. I think it turned out great.
-Fever has been shown to both have a gaping hole where his nose would be, as well as a tiny orange one. As Chill and Weird don't have noses whatsoever, I decided to leave him without one as well.

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