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Leonardo- Break Time Art #207

Character  LeonardoLocation  New York City, New York
(2020) It's the 4th Anniversary which means its time to rock and roll with Leonardo once again. Based on his appearance in the "Coming Out Of Their Shells" stage show, which is the first (and only) concert I ever attended. No regrets.
The design here is a combination of both Leo's on-stage and backstage costumes, of which there were obvious differences. I started out drawing him wearing his sneakers and socks until I discovered a photo of him wearing the boots as depicted here. Also, I drew him with his shell, which was absent from the on-stage costume, which resulted in him having a much huskier appearance here.
The hardest aspect of this piece was trying to figure out what the hell the button/pin the turtles are wearing on the left side of their jackets is. We never get a good look at it, so I watched the entire concert with my eyes trained on it to get a good read on it. They're colored silver along with the fave color of whichever turtle is sporting it, and each design is slightly different. The best I could figure is that it's supposed to be a skull, so that's what I went with. A turtle's skull, to be exact.
Someday I'll learn how to draw guitars.

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