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Welcome to my museum.
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I haven't logged into deviantART for approximately 2 years, which means I'll probably have to relearn its features and discover any new additions from the past 700 or so days.  One criticism I've received about my art in the past was the low quality.  No, not the "quality" on how well it's drawn (that's my own personal gripe) but how it appears on the computer.  My art tools of choice were regular and colored pencils, which look fine on the actual paper, but lose a lot when scanned into the computer.  Even auto-enhancing the image in various photo-editing programs was of little help.

For my 28th birthday last year, I asked for and received a WACOM tablet.  Now I can just draw a sketch on paper, scan it, and trace it with an art program.  That makes the picture appear much better online.  I have no idea why I'll telling anyone this... I'm quite certain you're all aware.  I haven't learned all the ins and outs of my art programs yet as far as "special effects" go, but perhaps I'll set aside some time to be investigative.

There's a good chance that a lot of the color pencil drawings you find here may be redone with the tablet.  For now, I present them in their original colored pencil forms.
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Good evening Deviants.  My name is James Gannon, an up and coming writer of dark fiction.  So what am I doing on deviantART if I'm a novelist?

I enjoy drawing as a hobby, and have done it my whole life.  I decided to post my stuff here on deviantART because of this site's reputation as an art showcase.  I used to display my work on my own web site, but there were limitations as far as presentation goes.  Plus there's a better chance of my work getting greater viewership.

As for my art background, I think it's pretty evident upon viewing any of my pieces that I am not a "skilled" artist.  I don't even like to use the term "artist" to describe myself.  I draw only as a hobby, my life and career's focus is writing.  I have no additional art training outside mandatory classes from school, so I'm mostly self-taught.  That's a bad thing if you're looking for high-quality, but it's also good because I have my own style.  My tricks of the trade are color pencils and standard drawing paper.  When I finish, I laminate the drawing, and if I want to present it to the world, I'll scan it and put it up here.

To all visitors, both purposeful and accidental, I say welcome.  I'm not here to boast my "masterpieces", I just want to display some of my artwork.  I hope you enjoy them for what they are.  Comments are cool and criticism is fine, as long as you don't point out what I already talked about in this journal.

And that's just the way it is.~ James Gannon
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