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The Nation of You
The country of Jamesgannon is a quiet country with black architecture and gray roads strewn about. The only color seen throughout the land is offered by nature herself, which is well kept by the populace.
The citizenry are known as JayJees, whom sleep during the day and are active at night. As such, the skin is more pale than folks from other countries. While there is no official uniform of Jamesgannon, they do tend to dress in dark threads. Despite the cooler temperature of the country, the JayJees always drink their coffee iced.
Currency is called G's, which unfortunately causes confusion in other countries where "G" is slang for 1,000. Similar to coins, the G's are small, hardened glass discs of varying colors which denotes value.
The most important law of Jamesgannon is to respect all your fellow JayJees, no matter what kind of personal quirks they may have. The country was started to escape the chaos of other places, so peace and quiet is very important to the population and enfor
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She Talks To Trees
Trees in New England.
The rainbow of foliage.
Green, brown, yellow, red.
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Core Power Hour Creature Feature by jamesgannon Core Power Hour Creature Feature :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 2 0
Servin' Scares
Walking through your neighborhood at night, you hear a gunshot in the distance.
You look down and are able to make out a body in the darkness, with an ever-growing pool of blood glistening in the moonlight beside it.
You realize it's your own as your spirit ascends skyward towards the great unknown.
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Lazy Lounging by jamesgannon Lazy Lounging :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 The Grumpy Ooze by jamesgannon The Grumpy Ooze :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Trish Stratus Outline by jamesgannon Trish Stratus Outline :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 BumbleKast Gaming: Tee K.O. by jamesgannon BumbleKast Gaming: Tee K.O. :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Ms. Lacey Sweet by jamesgannon Ms. Lacey Sweet :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Callous Shrugged by jamesgannon Callous Shrugged :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Leilani Lee selfie by jamesgannon Leilani Lee selfie :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Kelly Blank: Minnie Mouse by jamesgannon Kelly Blank: Minnie Mouse :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Kelly Blank: Cheerkitty by jamesgannon Kelly Blank: Cheerkitty :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Kelly Blank: Lingerie Football Leaguer by jamesgannon Kelly Blank: Lingerie Football Leaguer :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Amber Lily: Cheese Enthusist by jamesgannon Amber Lily: Cheese Enthusist :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 James and Gem II by jamesgannon James and Gem II :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 LeighAnn Parsons by jamesgannon LeighAnn Parsons :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Hello Silky Kitty by jamesgannon Hello Silky Kitty :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 USWF Collage 2 by jamesgannon USWF Collage 2 :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 USWF Collage 1 by jamesgannon USWF Collage 1 :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Lucie Luvit 2 by jamesgannon Lucie Luvit 2 :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Lucie Luvit 1 by jamesgannon Lucie Luvit 1 :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Sonic 3 by jamesgannon Sonic 3 :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0 Charles Mackintosh by jamesgannon
Mature content
Charles Mackintosh :iconjamesgannon:jamesgannon 0 0


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