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April 22, 2012
Bookbinding Tutorial by ~JamesDarrow
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Bookbinding Tutorial

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Download for a larger view! - Journal with books and additional info - Click here for a video I uploaded on how to sew your book!

Eden Workshops - A Bookbinders Resource. Here you will find free tutorials, learn at home DVD's, equipment and materials.

Please read everything before asking questions. I understand this can be confusing, but I may have already answered your question.

This took me so long to make! You're welcome :iconspecky1:

Materials : (with links to purchase / more info)

• Paper : The paper is the most important part of the book, you'll want something that is durable and practical to the purpose of your book. I'm using Strathmore 18 in. x 24 in. 80 lb drawing paper. Strathmore website
• Paper (endpaper) : I'm using scrapbook paper, a thicker paper with interesting designs. Endpaper on Wikipedia

• Glue stick : Anything will do. I prefer using ones that are purple and dry clear. Elmer's Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks
• Spray adhesive : Again, as long as it works anything will do. I had some Duro All-Purpose Spray Adhesive around when I was making this. Be very very very careful when using this! Read the instructions on the can. When I was using the spray adhesive I would prepare the paper inside and the go outside to spray it.

• Thread : When making your book, you'll want to use a thread that is durable and easy to work with. There is a thread specifically for bookbinding, but it can be a bit expensive. An alternative to that would be to use dental floss (I've never used this method before so I can't say how well it'll work). You can also use beeswax coated thread, again, it can be expensive to purchase. I just used a generic thread doubled over to be stronger, this has worked fairly well for me. Embroidery thread works great too! (thanks everyone who mentioned this)
Coats & Clark Ecru Upholstery Thread was recommended, it might be worth a try considering the price.
• Needle

• Ruler
• Scissors (fabric scissors optional but could be useful)
• Pencil
• (optional) Cutting Board / Paper Cutter
• Canvas
• Binder clips

• Fabric : For the cover, something you wouldn't mind looking at! I recommend buying some scrap or discount fabric when you first start and later buy something a bit nicer.
• Ribbon : You can use either a strip of fabric or some ribbon if you choose to add a bookmark. Example of what I would use

• Heavy weight : Some heavy books will do, in my case I have an old projector.

• Awl : Something sharp and pointy. I'm using a tool from Bead Buddy 4 Piece Reamer set. The red and yellow ones work great

• Chipboard : You can also use a thin wood or foam. I wouldn't recommend using anything else as they might not be as durable or easy to work with.

• Anything else you want to decorate your book with.

Book Terms :

Book Block : All the sewn together sheets of paper that make up the pages in the book.
End Paper / End Sheets : The first and last paper of the book. They connect the cover of the book to the book block.
Signature : groups of folded paper. I take 4 folded pieces of paper and group them together. When you sew you are sewing the signatures together.

Diagram of a book

You may use this tutorial in part or whole to teach others, please don't remove my name or URL. Also, it would be great if you send me links to books you create using this. I want to see what everyone is capable of! ♥

To sew your book without having to fold it, view this tutorial
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Thank you so much, for this great tutorial.^^
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thanks to your tutorial, I've found my dream job! Thank you so much for that.
ForsakenStrange's avatar
Would asking for a custom book cost anything?
Hi. Please forgive if this has been mentioned somewhere, but, every time I try to search for 'book making canvas' (to affix the text block to the cover), I am coming up empty. Could you at least tell me what kind of canvas? I see so many varieties in google, and I just want to be sure I get the right one.

Thanks. Noob here. :P
BlueLakeKylie's avatar
Hey, I have a question--Are there any substitutes for the canvas? I tried using really thin cardboard on my first book, and I guess it worked, but I was wondering if there are any better ideas.
Thank you so much for this Tutorial! I love it and I'm going to try this out as soon as I finish my homework for the day!! I'm so excited to understand this now!
Turtlemun's avatar
I used to just staple and glue lol.
Rachgraceh's avatar
Thanks so much for making this amazing tutorial! I've wanted to make a book for ages, but didn't really know how to start. This was endlessly helpful!…
First of all, thanks for posting this! I've already done four books or so, but I have a doubt: I don't quite understand how do I have to cut the corners of the fabric. If you could explain it to me I'd be even more thankful!
minusfractions's avatar
I need to try this!
I will take you up on the offer of making me one.. If your still interested? I work around 60hrs a week 😒 so making it myself seems impossible. So if you can how much? And do you have patters or designs for men?
Kinsara's avatar
I made a whole stack of notebooks to use for next semester's classes! Thank you for the tutorial!…
KaosAdventus's avatar
Bless you for this XD
I followed this epic tutorial for creating my BoS. The page-folding (I folded an entire set of 500 pages... and only ended up using 200) and sewing took the longest for me, but this was incredibly easy to follow and with how my book turned out, I'm quite proud of it; and thankful to you for posting this, lol. :squee: 
JamesDarrow's avatar
I'm happy to have helped :)
I started my own one today, it's very easy ! As I'm not very good with handcrafts, I was scared, but that's so well explicated ! I'll finish it tomorrow and link up my picture of it !
JamesDarrow's avatar
I'm happy to hear that and I look forward to the completed book! :)
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Congratulations on the DD! :w00t:
This is a very nice tutorial, thank you for making it! :)
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You're welcome :)
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